Should marijuana be provided free to everyone?

Asked by: FREEDO
  • If everyone grows their own

    If everyone grew their own then this would make perfect sense. And it could happen. In that case putting a price on it would be silly. The person would just stick to using their own. I'm no utopian idealist who thinks we could actually have communism, but for there to be a meaningful free communal market where people are just giving things away for free would be great.

  • No, it should not.

    It is not free to grow, it should not be free to obtain. Working under the assumption that this question takes place in a time where marijuana is legal and free to purchase openly, one should still remember that it takes time, effort and a work force to properly cultivate. Like any other crop, it requires careful attention (and occasionally pesticides, it IS a plant, after all..) during its planting, growth and harvesting. It should not be free anymore than vegetables or meat should be.

  • No, I don't think so.

    Marijuana should not be given to anyone. Why anyone would think that one would even want it free, I do not know. For all those who are on drugs, do yourself a favor, and take the shortcut to the lobby. We don't need you around. Whoever wants to legalize it? Well take a deep breath, step back, and literally f*ck your own face! Why not have people walking around, throwing weed everywhere! And by killing yourself, I think we would all be happy. I straight on do not care who is offended by this message, but if you even think about smoking a joint, SCREW YOURSELF. Please. This may possibly be one of my only unprofessional messages. I broke my record, just to lecture the f*ckfaces who thought marijuana should be smoked, legalized, or given for f*cking free. Same thing for any other drugs. This is severed13, signing off.

  • No, marijuana should not be provided free to everyone.

    No, I don't believe that marijuana should be provided to everyone for free. There is an argument to be made that marijuana should be legalized everywhere in the United States, on the federal and state level, but to give free marijuana to everyone would be a huge financial burden that the government cannot afford. In addition to that, it is a ridiculous idea to begin with. The government has absolutely no reason to provide free marijuana to everyone, even if the entire population had cancer, the government's job isn't to pay for their treatment. A much more feasible idea would be to also allow everyone to grow their own marijuana, without any legal consequences.

  • No, and it won't happen

    Nothing is free in this world. Nothing's ever free nowadays (not even donated objects or freebies; there's always an opportunity cost somewhere). To legalise marijuana around the world would be a good idea, but even if that happened, it would definitely cost money to buy or grow. And let's not even talk about growing marijuana for now.

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Anonymous says2013-05-20T16:43:24.327
No! I believe if your going to legalize marijuana then you should make use it by selling it as a taxed product. Also marijuana could be just be used as a prescribed drug and given only to people who really needs it.
FREEDO says2013-10-19T03:54:00.303
I just want to see one person say yes.