• Mariguana like alcohol

    Marijuana should have the same laws as alcohol. No public use - walking on the street drinking is illegal - same should hold true for marijuana; marijuana should be taxed & packaged with a federal stamp like cigarettes have. I drink & I follow the laws - let's be fair!

  • Potency Labeling Needed

    When you go into a liquor store, you can buy wine, beer, and hard liquor, and you can know, because of proof and alcohol percentage labeling, what you are ingesting. In my opinion, it would be a win for everyone, if when you walk into a dispensary, you know the potency of what you are buying. Do you always drink 151 proof Bacardi? No, but sometimes the night might call for it. Or possibly just a relaxing glass of wine. It would add to the depth of the marijuana offerings if, at home, you could stock up your humidor, with a variety of potencies.

  • Yes to Regulation

    It has been shown through colorado that since the legalization of pot, crime rates have gone down, it is also shown in many studies that Amsterdam has less crime than many cities in North America, not failing to remember that Amsterdam has the highest crime rate in all of the Netherlands.

    Also, it is good for the economy in the way that could then be taxed, and monitored to the public, this may also decrease the amount of those who are of under age using

  • Yes,marijuana should be regulated like alcohol

    Regulating marijuana like alcohol would be better for everyone involoved.This would allow people to take advantage of all the benefits of marijuana and still have a high concern for safety.It would also allow governments to collect taxes which would actually make the community a better place to live and work

  • The Best Way To Move Forward

    I believe one of the best ways we could potentially move forward from the failed war on drugs, is to legalize marijuana. Marijuana is an excellent product to regulate in a similar way to alcohol. It is also an ideal product to add additional taxes to so we could fund other well minded laws, such as health care. Marijuana could potentially pump more tax revenues into our governments and create a new industry for our workers.

  • Both drugs have similar effects on driving, but marijuana is not physically addictive.

    One of the main reasons people do not want to legalize marijuana is because they think it will cause people to drive impaired. There are already laws which are addressing that problem. However, tests have shown and local news agencies have backed up that you have to smoke a lot of marijuana for it to impair driving.

    Additionally, Marijuana is not physically addictive like Alcohol is. You can form a habit of use, but you will not have any withdrawals if you stop using. Because of this, marijuana is actually less dangerous then alcohol and so it at least deserves equal treatment.

    Lastly, an added benefit of allowing full production and regulation of marijuana is that its sister plants would then be able to be farmed for food, clothing and paper production. Hemp is a sustainable and fast growing plant and provide a renewable resource that the U.S. really needs.

  • Alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana.

    As far as illegal drugs go, marijuana is one of the least harmful. In fact, it is even less harmful than alcohol. It contains no synthetic material. Alcohol is a very addictive substance that can permanently damage a person's liver. Marijuana is actually approved for medical usage in many countries and states.

  • Yes, marijuana should be legal and regulated.

    My family can't afford heavier taxes and our state runs large fiscal deficits. If we regulated marijuana and taxed it we could make large steps toward closing the deficits in our state. Billions of dollars go underground to this illegal trade and cost us millions in law enforcement and incarceration. Why should my family keep paying for a drug war that has been ineffective for nearly fifty years?

  • Marijuana is an addictive Drug

    Marijuana is much more harmful than Alcohol. Alcohol can be metabolized by the body and is not mind-altering; marijuana is not metabolized by the body but stored in the brain and is mind-altering. The only reason the prohibition of alcohol failed is because most of America already drank Alcohol socially. Making marijuana available to everyone will result in a ten-fold increase in its use, especially among kids. It is much easier for kids and teenagers to smoke dope and go to school; than drinking alcohol and going to school. Both, are huge problems.

    America is rapidly approaching being a totally drugged out society where getting high is a primary objective. Most people can have a couple of drinks and that is it. You can’t be partially stoned or high. And, most adults who smoke dope also drink alcohol at the same time; double the effect.

  • No, marijuana should not be regulated like alcohol.

    Marijuana should be illegal and therefore not regulated like alcohol. Our country does not need another reason for people to sit on there tail all day and avoid getting a job. There is already an epidemic of welfare recipients that sit around stealing your money all day. Marijuana legalization will make this worse.

  • No, it should be illegal.

    No, marijuana should not be regulated like alcohol, because there is no way to appropriately regulate marijuana. A person can drink alcohol without getting drunk. But a person cannot regulate marijuana without getting high. There is no way to have just a little bit of marijuana in our society. For this reason, marijuana should be completely illegal.

  • No only medically prescribed

    I think that only medical marijuana should be allowed. If the drug will help those who need it then you can get a prescription for it. I do not think that recreational marijuana should be legalized or regulated. There are no benefits to society in allowing this to be legal.

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