Should Marijuana Dispensaries Be Regulated by the Government?

  • I believe so.

    Something like this requires some form of Government regulation. We regulate Alcohol and cigarettes so it would require us to regulate marijuana. Nobody how much it effects you; depending on who you ask; it is a drug. Drugs are regulated so what makes Marijuana so special that it doesn't have to be.

  • Absolutely, marijuana dispensaries should be regulated like all other drugs.

    Given the controversial nature of marijuana, and the fact that the government regulates all other drugs, it's critical that the Government continues to regulate marijuana dispensaries throughout the United States. Regardless of where you stand on the marijuana debate, having the government regulate this controversial industry is critically important to ensure it is handled appropriately.

  • Nothing to gain.

    While marijuana should be taxed as I believe that people who are mentally addicted to it contribute less to society, I don't see why it should be regulated in any strict way. Maybe to make sure it's safe health-wise, but otherwise no. It's up to the individual to take on the risk of smoking a substance.

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