Should Marijuana Ever Be Used to Treat Children and Adolescents?

  • Yes, if needed.

    I think marijuana should be used to treat children and teenagers if it is something they actually need. There are some people who need to it numb the pain or be able to feel calmer through out their life and I think that is okay because it is helping them and they are not abusing it.

  • Marijuana should be used to treat children and adolescents.

    Marijuana should be used to treat children and adolescents. It depends on their condition but marijuana has been shown to treat a lot of medical conditions. I think the drug is safe for anyone to use. It would be a lot safer for children to do this then for the doctors to prescribe them a bunch of pills for adhd.

  • Yes, if it helps

    Medical studies have proven that marijuana can be helpful in treating and curing many diseases and illnesses including cancers, seizures, pain, and more. If a child is going through a serious medical condition that nothing else has helped with, it is only right to try medical marijuana. There are many ways for the child to use it, smoking is not the only option. It is safe to eat in small quantities and can still help the child.

  • Yes, if it's medically warranted.

    If a child has a very serious illness or is terminally ill, then of course it would be better to have them administered pot and be comfortable than worry about the effects of it over the long term and have them feel sick. So very judiciously, pot can be medicinal for children.

  • In extreme circumstances, marijuana may be the only help for children and adolescents.

    The possible benefits of marijuana must be looked at, before making a blanket ban of marijuana on children and adolescents. For example, marijuana is very effective in treating Dravet's syndrome, a rare form of childhood epilepsy. According to CNN reports, a 6 year old child with this syndrome used to have over 300 seizures a week until he took a liquid, non-psychoactive form of marijuana, then only had 3 seizures a month.

  • No, marijuana is not tested enough yet.

    I feel that marijuana should not be used for medical treatment yet, at all. It's not studied enough, and inhaling any drug into the lungs is dangerous in the long term. We don't know yet what marijuana's effects will be on adults long term, or even correct dosage for effectiveness and safety. Because of that, it would be unwise to submit children to it. We should wait until researchers know correct dosage, and perhaps even develop a pill form of the active ingredient, so dosage can be better controlled.

  • Not for children.

    Continued use of marijuana from age 13 has been showed to have negative effects in cognitive studies. It is thought that symptoms similar to schizophrenia could arise. The brain is developing and drug usage should be at minimal. Marijuana has shown to be effective to cure and treat many conditions but should be kept for adult use strictly.

  • Marijuana should be reserved for adults.

    I believe that marijuana can be very effective when treating
    many medical conditions. But, marijuana
    is also still considered to be a controlled substance in many states. Even in states where marihuana is considered
    legal, it still often has certain restrictions.
    I think that marijuana use should be restricted to adults, and it should
    never be used to treat children or adolescents.

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