• Yes. Marijuana should remain illegal.

    Marijuana is an outlet for people to seek an artificial endorphin release, this deters these people from seeking real life endorphin releases that help drive discovery, the economy and society. There is no advantage to society if weed is legalized. It will just create less productivity in society. As humans, our job is to advance our race and become compassionate creatures (real life, natural dopamine release) as opposed to creatures who turn to substances for fulfillment. Having fun once in a while is good, but why does someone need an artificially induced endorphin release?

  • Dangerous and mind controlling

    Marijuana was illegal for good reason. It messes with your brain and doesn't allow you to think straight. It takes control of your mind. It also leads to heavier drugs that will kill you, marijuana will also eventually kill you if you use it for too long. Keep it illegal.

  • Yes there is no advantage to legalizing

    Yes marijuana should remain illegal. It has been shown to be a drug that can alter your mind and was made illegal for a reason. The only ones who want it legalize are those who enjoy using it and don't want to get in trouble. Should we legalize heroin for the same reason?

  • Yes, marijuana should remain illegal.

    The most preposterous argument as to why marijuana should become legal is that it is natural and that it was put on the earth by God. Some people think that's a good enough reason as to why it is good and should be legal. Toxins and chemicals are found naturally on earth, should we roll those up and smoke them as well?

  • Yes, Marijuana should remain illegal.

    Marijuana is proven to reduce the amount of white nervous tissue. With the reduction of white nervous tissue, one may suffer short term memory loss which can eventually lead to Alzheimer. Many of the car crashes that occur usually have to do with alcohol or substance abuse. If we legalize marijuana, then there were be more car crashes that would relate to substance abuse.

  • Personal Experience Dealing with Users

    I have personally never met someone who is a regular user that is productive. Their "drive" is so little compared to sober people that they usually are on welfare, causing a drain on the economy. Non users typically pursue education, are productive in the workforce, and are successful that participate in the economy. (like i Said. From personal experience)

  • Here is what I think.

    Cannabis should be legalized, it would help spur the economy. Besides the fact of the hemp industry being a new source of paper and clothing material, weed should be allowed for recreational use. Pot is a safer alternative to alcohol in that no deaths or injuries has been directly reported from use of marijuana (well, maybe besides from synthetic). There is a chance that someone can in to the stereotypical stoner that does nothing but smoke and eat all day. But the chances that someone will become a die-hard alcoholic who beats his wife and kids within an inch of there lives is also present. What I'm trying to say is everything in moderation. Have a a good day :)

  • To many of the same reasons

    Pot has become socially addictive, meaning once you get in with that crowd of people it takes a lot of willpower to break away from it, it may not be physically addictive, mentally and socially very much so they go hand in hand, that the only reason it has so much support for legalization, people thinking that everyone supports it and just goes along with it

  • The Problems get Worse

    Cannabis should remain illegal because, apart from the numerous Heath risks and dangers, it would increase crime. Amsterdam is a good example; studies show that the crime doesn't go down, it actually go up as people are constantly trying to get some. Another misconception is that it's perfectly fine. Studies have shown that memory loss and abnormal growths on your brain increases when using Cannabis. The last argument is morality. Would you want to live in a neighborhood full of Cannabis smokers? Would you want to raise a family as your child gets swayed to use this harmful substance at school since their are no rules (Amsterdam also had problems with a majority of its high school students coming to school high and flunking)? Cannabis should not be legal, it needs to remain illegal for the greater good.

  • Yes, but not because of health issues.

    There is always the comparison of marijuana with alcohol, that alcohol is worse for your health, makes you violent, etc. and as long as alcohol is legal, marijuana should be too. However, even though alcohol is bad for you, there are so many health risks we all know and still, we choose to consume it. But, there is one factor that is often overlooked. That is, when is alcohol consumed; even though alcohol is socially accepted, it's consumation is limited to a certain time- special occasions, or simply going out with friends. Very rarely will you see a person carrying 1dcl of alcohol to drink when he is bored. On the other hand, marijuana is percieved as something utterly harmless, and is consumed as if it was harmless. A good comparison would be chocolate: it is very easy to consume, but potentialy harmless in large amounts over a certain period of time. Marijuana is not a horrible supstance, but people are not ready for legalization- they wouldn't be able to take it in moderation, and as long as there are "stoners" and "potheads", marijuana should stay illegal.

  • It should be legal

    Marijuana is 10 times better than cigs and alcoho. Out of every drug that is out there Marijuana is the least deadly. Over 500,000 people die from tobacco use each year, same with alcohol. But where does marijuana stand on the death rate per year? Zero. No one has recorded a death directly linked to marijuana ever, it is impossible to overdose on and has a very valuable use in the medical world as well.

  • Safest "drug" there is

    Everyone has been misled about the effects of marijuana, it does NOT make people violent, lazy or useless. It can be used to treat various medical conditions without the horrible side effects of big pharmaceutical. Big pharma stands to lose a lot of money from legalization. Most if not all pharmaceutical medicine has horrible horrible side effects.

  • It is harmless

    The reasoning behind keeping marijuana is based on an outdated stance on the true effects of marijuana use. It has been shown in subsequent studies that it is much less harmful than alcohol and tobacco. The amount of taxpayer money wasted on keeping this substance illegal far outweighs any benefits that we are supposedly receiving .

  • The government should leagalize marijuana for all of its uses.

    I believe marijuana should not remain illegal; the federal government should legalize it. Alcohol is not natural, kills thousands of innocent people as well as the intoxicated. It is the cause of many mental problems such as alcoholism and depression. Marijuana, on the other hand is 100% natural. Not one person has died from smoking marijuana and it also has many medical pluses. Hemp also can be used to make valuable resources such as paper and rope.

  • Mary jane should be legalized

    Cannabis should be legalized so we wouldn't have to spend our tax money on those in jail for any marijuana charges. Also we would tax marijuana if legalized so that money would go toward our economy, therefore less fiscal cliffs and economic cricist. And less mony the tax payers have to pay

  • Does not kill brain cells

    There are so many reasons why marijuana should be legalized, but there are a few key facts that the government has been lying about for decades. One of the main lies is that marijuana kills brain cells. This is completely untrue, the government did a test on monkeys and some humans by pumping 10 ounces of marijuana smoke into a mask for 5 minutes. The test subjects could barely breathe and where being suffocated, which in turn killed brain cells. They decided to blame it on "The Dreaded Weed". Marijuana should be legalized for medical and recreational use. There are many petitions that you can find online. Please help the cause, end the war on weed!

  • Legal marijuana is the way to go

    Why care about the effects it may have on someone? No matter what, people will find a way to gain and smoke marijuana, whether that is to illegally buy it or travel to somewhere such as Colorado. The pros all have to do with the physical being of oneself. Why do you care if it harms someone if it'll help the economy more than what is expected? Look at legalized marijuana from a Realpolitik point of view. If it helps the economy but may result in some sacrifices, it should be legalized for the better of everyone. If someone gets addicted or in an accident, that's their fault for not treating marijuana responsibly. If a child grabs ahold of it, it's the parents' faults for not keeping a close eye on their child. Our own presidents have smoked weed and got away with it. Why? Because we live in a corrupt law system.

    End the impossibilities set by the government. Legalize cannabis.

  • Why is Alcohol Legal seriously watch this and tell me that marijuana should not be legal. The only reason it is legal is because of the government deciding what the people want and using propaganda. I hope a lot of people realize how dumb and ignorant they actually sound when they say "marijuana should be illegal."

  • The real facts

    The fact of the matter is, marijuana is not a harmful drug and it is also not a gateway drug. It has become illegal through propagandized research and was not studied for its positive effects. People did not really have the resources or the means to properly research and educate themselves on cannabis and therefore their only choice was to believe in government propaganda. Yes, there are those who abuse the drug in negatives ways that affects the "proper lifestyle" but there are also those who use it very responsibly and have gone to become successful people. For example, there is Barack Obama, Bush, and Clinton. Even Steve Jobs had admitted to using the substance. It is called a "gateway drug" because of the statistic of heavier drug users admitting to smoking weed first. But if looked at the other way around, only one in one-hundred marijuana users indulge in heavier drugs. Legalization would greatly boost our economy and lower our taxes. Right now the only people who want the drugs to remain legal are those who just go with the flow and wants it to remain illegal just because it has been for almost a hundred years, those who do not educate themselves on the matter and remain ignorant, and criminal dealers and gangs who would not make as much of a big profit from marijuana being legal.

  • Cannabis should not be legalized.

    Cannabis should not be legalized. Because cannabis affect the people physically, socially and psychologically. If cannabis legalized solid in shops like cigarette most of young like students affected.
    It is a cause of car crash and destroyed money and economy. And also a cause of divored many families. Many families divorced .

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