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  • I don’t think that marijuana should be illegal.

    I don’t think that marijuana should be illegal. The hypocrisy of the American government is
    very hard to believe. How can they
    legalize tobacco, alcohol, and prescription medicines while at the same time
    prohibiting the use of marijuana? There
    have been shockingly few deaths caused by marijuana. America needs to rethink its priorities.

  • It is harmless

    Even though I do not smoke Marijuana and never will, I have never really been completely it one day being legalized. I think the substance is completely harmless and is already legalized for medical uses these days. I just believe there are so much more evil things out there then harmless weed.

  • Marijuana has never hurt anyone it's only had benefits

    In the words of Willie Nelson "The only way it can kill you is if a bale of it falls on you". They have found numerous health benefits of marijuana and no scientifically proven detriments. The only "data" the have against it has been falsified. The United States is chasing down all these users of the so called "drug" while they're letting the people who actually deserve prison go. The only reason it is Illegal in the first place though was because of really crooked politicians. Think of how many peoples livelihoods could be saved if marijuana was legalized not only would these people in prison for no legitimate reason be a working part of society but people could use it help with they're health problems they have and small family farms could possibly actually thrive once again in this nation.

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