• I honestly believe that it’s about time that we as a nation come together and legalize marijuana.

    I honestly believe that it’s about time that we as a nation
    come together and legalize marijuana.
    This is getting out of hand. You
    have peaceful weed smokers getting arrested and taking up jail space that could
    be used to incarcerate more violent offenders.
    It’s about time for a social movement to legalize marijuana.

  • Well if we already have cigarettes and alcohol legal why not this?

    Marijuana was made illegal on false racial ideas in the 30s, so the reason why it was made illegal in the first place bubkis. We already have alcohol and cigarettes legal and those kill thousands every day, it only causes risk of cancer if you smoke it (like just about anything else you try to burn and inhale), and not everyone smokes it(they may eat, or vaporize it which gets rid of the cancer risk). Would you rather have your kid drinking a highly addictive, and depending on how much of ot you drink, lethal substance or have them be smoking a joint which wont kill them nor will it screw they're body up as much as alcohol or cigarettes can.

  • No, it makes people useless.

    No, marijuana should not be legalized, because marijuana does not do any good. Marijuana makes people lazy and unproductive. Driving while high is a serious problem that claims the lives of many innocent people every year. Marijuana causes a lot of damage, but does not do anything positive to help society. It should be illegal.

  • I will lean towards a no...

    I have worked with a marijuana addict and I will say this, you do not want to. The individual was unable to stay focused and do the job right. At the same time, I cannot say this is just cause to ban the use, after all, nobody wants to hire an alcoholic either, and alcohol is legal. This debate involves other issues.

    At least until I have evidence showing how marijuana is less dangerous than cigarettes from sources that do not involve lobby groups on either side. It needs to be a series of studies done specifically for a government and should be completely transparent. Additionally, it should not be legal for minors no more than alcohol or cigarettes are. Finally, I would be concerned about the effects of second hand smoke. Unlike cigarettes which can cause other harmful heath effects long term, marijuana causes a "high" as a short term effect and I would be concerned that others near by may be effected by that. I have read arguments saying this is a legit concern and others say it's absurd, but it's definitely worth looking into and is most pressing. If it were to be found to cause harm, you would want to ban the use of it in public places and in homes where there are children or other individuals that do not wish to accept second hand smoke.

  • What is the significance to Legalize it?

    Long term effects of any drug or alcohol can cause irreversible damage to parts of the body. Why would we allow one more item for our children and their children to fall victim too? Look at the effects of Alcohol on our society today. It does more harm than good. What good can come of offering more illicit activities to our youth or adults for that matter? People who drive drunk are a hazard on our roads, what do you think High people using slowed judgement will be doing? It is a mistake to legalize it. War on drugs is a good thing and i hope it can one day be won!

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Swift-Silent-Deadly says2014-01-14T15:35:31.263
If the justifications for the Yes column are any indication of it ever being legalized then we have nothing to worry about. The reasons stated in the yes column are the most crack head assertions and would never stand up in a court of law.