Should Marilyn Monroe be remembered negatively for her affair with JFK?

  • Yes, Monroe should be remebered negatively for her affair.

    Any woman, or man, who participates in a marital affair should be remembered negatively. Ignoring the vows of a holy bond of matrimony is not something that is forgivable. No matter how famous the affair or the people involved, it was not an acceptable thing to do. Marriage is a bond that should never be broken.

  • No, Marilyn Monroe should not be remembered negatively , because she is a legend.

    Marilyn Monroe should not be remembered negatively for her affair with JFK , because it was a two way street. JFK was the one who was a married man and the President of the United States. If he is still held in high esteem, then why should it be different for her? She is not the first person who fell in love with the wrong person. Marilyn Monroe was an actress and a legend in her own time. The fact that she made a bad personal choice should not be held against her so many years later.

  • One small aspect of a person's life does not define them

    No, Marilyn Monroe should not be remembered negatively because of her affair with JFK. That one action may have shown a lapse in judgement and character, but it was one part of her life. She also had many wonderful performances and was admired and appreciated by many people. For those who disapprove of her affair, they are free to judge that one action, but none of us would want to be judged by one mistake in our lives.

  • She was more than an affair.

    Marilyn Monroe was a model, actress, and nationally recognized sex symbol. To remember her negatively for a single incident despite her success is an insult to her career. If anything the negativity should be cast on JFK - as our president, he was to be an example of an exemplary citizen. Instead he was a cheating husband. For our nation's sex symbol to have an affair, though, well, that fits her public image to a tee.

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