Should marine animals be taken from their natural habitats and put in zoos?

  • Yes, it's fine

    Marine life:(marine animal) any of numerous animals inhabiting the sea including e.g. fishes and mollusks and many mammals. That is the definition of a marine animal. How many of you can tell me the downside of having a goldfish or a star fish inside of a zoo? There are thousands of animals with the same level of conscienceless to that of a peanut. If only 30% develop depression wouldn't that mean you're bettering the life's of 70%?

  • Nooooooooooooo neverr this is a noooo

    Animals should stay and they should clean up the sea and help marine life though it
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  • Do not keep animals like that they freedom

    Animals like their freedom they want to be with their friends they can be hurted in zoos or places like in marineland they should free those poor aquatic animals i think it is really cruel to keep those poor mammals in captivity like that that is not fair for those animals who want to be free

  • NO, any wild, marine, or exotic animals should remain in their natural God given environment or habitat.

    NO, any wild or exotic animal should remain in their natural God given environment or habitat where they belong. Marine life and other large non-domesticated animals should not be held captive or as pets. These animals are not adapt to living in captivity performing stupid tricks, they are adapted to living among their kind in their natural environment the way God intended it to be. In the beginning of time we were commanded by God to have dominion over certain animals in the sea, on land, and in the sky. But only in the way God intended, God did not intend for humans to mistreat, abuse, neglect or capture large wild animals into captivity. We are to tend to and take care of them, not force them out of their natural habitats, mistreat them, or abuse them. God is the Creator of all things big and small, human and nonhuman.

  • I disagree that animals should be taken from their homes and family to be put in a under sized tank with chemical water.

    They are born to live free and wild not for our entertainment, loud sounds can aggravate them and they arent made to do so, it is very stressful to them and they get fed medications to avoid stomach ulcers from all the stress. Orcas dont have medications as part of their diet.

  • No, not at all.

    Animals should not be used as entertainment. Also, the way that they treat marine animals at places like Seaworld and Marineland is ridiculously inhumane. Watch the documentary Blackfish for more information on how these animals are treated. Do research on the whale from Free Willy or the dolphin from Flipper!

  • I Strongly Disagree

    The question that you should ask yourself when you read this should ask: would you like to be plucked out of your environment then have to live in a bathtub for the rest of your life? Most likely your answer would be no. No wonder why they rebel, wouldn't you? I find those who train these animals should all be fired. What about their rights? We have rights, why shouldn't they? These animals aren't born to be tortured and perform for entertainment for the rest of their life. Killer whales for example, stay with their family their whole life. By taking them out of their natural environment they will change their behavior. And for the whales that kill while in captivity, well I don't blame them. There still has been no report of a killer whale killing a human in the ocean. If you still think that this is acceptable watch the documentary Blackfish. If this doesn't change your mind there is really something wrong.

  • No they should not

    No because orcas should be healthy instead of being in dolphin pools in marine zoos and they should be with there family so they can live longer just like free willie the movie. It is just like us except we are five hundred pounds and we live in pods. So no they shouldn't be in marine zoos.

  • Animals that have been taken develop a psychosis.

    It has been proven that 30% of marine animals that have been taken from the seas develop depression and or psychosis. These animals have been reported to kill other animals of the same species and other species, as well as humans. They also get their fins damaged, causing even more pain for them. Almost all marine biologists would agree that we shouldn't take marine animals from the seas.

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