• Yes, Mario Lopez Should Return to Host X-Factor

    Mario Lopez is charming, sexy, and the best contest host on TV! He's funny and he puts people at ease. He is far more personable than any of the other contest hosts. He has a stronger fan base too. So bring back Mario Lopez to the X-Factor! We want more!

  • Yes Mario Lopez should return to host the X-Factor

    Yes, I think that Mario Lopez is very entertaining and can help to keep the momentum of the popular show X-Factor going smoothly. Mario Lopez has many followers, and uses social media such as Twitter to promote himself and his brand and I think he can help to promote the X-Factor often.

  • Sure he should

    X Factor is not as entertaining as America's Best Dance Crew but Mario is a pretty cool host. He has good positive energy and he seems genuine when engaging with contestants. He is an experienced host and appears to connect with audiences. He is the ultimate host and should continue to be.

  • Yes, Mario Lopez should return as the X-Factor host.

    Mario Lopez is attractive and engaging, which are wonderful qualities to have when you're hosting a television show. He is seen as likeable to the general public and is well-spoken. Lopez is entertaining and is very comfortable in front of the camera, which boosts the credibility of X-Factor and could increase the viewership.

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