Should Mark McGwire have been elected into the MLB Hall of Fame?

  • Yes, Yes, Yes

    If you exclude MM from the Hall, you must by association exclude everyone who could have possibly committed the sin. Basically, everyone ever elected into the hall prior to testing but after the invention of steroids. There is no proof anyone in baseball did not do the exact same thing McGwire did.

  • He and Sosa Saved MLB

    Say what you want about steroids, McGwire and Sosa brought fans back. Everybody knew these guys were using steroids but nobody said anything because owners and the media were making money and records were being broken. He made baseball fun to watch and made fans forget about the 1994 strike.

  • hes a tank

    He brought back baseball stats dont lie. you look at everything he and Sammy Sosa did and its just amazing they put fans back in the seats at the stadiums and made baseball fun to watch again if we didn't have idiot writers vote on who gets in and who doesn't we wouldn't have this problem we should have real men vote who gets in men who have played the game not just played at the age of 8

  • Never.

    Mark McGwire has no place in the MLB Hall of Fame. He cheated his way through his entire career and attempt to lie to get away with it. His records and stats need to be stricken from the books. As long as a player like Pete Rose is not in the Hall of Fame, a much worse cheater, player, and person like McGwire has no place there.

  • No, Mark McGwire should not have been elected into the MLB Hall of Fame.

    He should not have been, and never should be elected into the MLB Hall of Fame because he violated the rules of the game. Major League Baseball has a storied history of treating cheaters with severity, dating back to 1919 with the "Black Sox" scandal. A more recent example of this would be Pete Rose. All of these cheaters have been excluded from the Hall of Fame, some of which had very little, to no evidence against them whatsoever. Baseball needs to stick with the precedent that they have set for cheaters and completely ban steroid users from the game as they have done gamblers.

  • No, the steroids should, if anyone

    Mark McGwire, like Barry Bonds, used steroids to up his game. Once a player does that, he or she should be ousted from the running for any hall-of-fame type honors. Maybe steroids should be elected to the hall instead--they have had more success in athletics than any one player in the past few years, after all.

  • McGwire Didn't Deserve It

    Mark McGwire used steroids and cheated. Therefore, he did not deserve to be elected into the Hall of Fame. If he was, that means sportswriters, the league, and anyone who voted would be cosigning cheating in the game of baseball. Not only did McGwire cheat, he lied in court too.

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