• Yes, politics should be entertaining sometimes

    Let me start by saying I think Mark Sanford’s a buffoon, but if he wants to run he should. It can be hard for the average person to get engaged in modern politics, and having him running provides a level of entertainment that may get some people interested. Plus it gives extra incentive for people to turn out and vote to keep him out of office, helping other candidates up and down ballot.

  • No

    Mark Sanford running for congress was about as good of an idea as Romney running for president. Sanford's history of leading his own state has been terrible and irresponsible, let alone him having any power in the decisions of the country. Him running for congress would only be a show, nobody with a respectable opinion would ever elect Sanford, he should not run.

  • No, Mark Sanford should stay out of politics.

    Mark Sanford did some things as governor that are not something with which to be proud. He set a poor example to the people of his state and should be ashamed. This is a big problem and I do not think being in Congress would be a very good idea for him to pursue.

  • No.

    Mark Sanford is a been there done that person. He's a relic of the (albeit near) past and has no business in the Congress of today. His policies and hardline Republican stupidity can do nothing but hurt the country and will not help at all in any way, shape, or form.

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