Should Mark Zuckerberg get politically involved with immigration reform?

  • Mark Zuckerberg Should Be Involved in Immigration Reform

    If not Mark Zuckerberg, an immigrant himself - and readily in the public eye, then who better suited to bring positive attention to a hotly debated topic? Zuckerberg, the immigrant whose creative genius has fueled the social media craze that is sweeping not only the United States, but is impacting Internet social venues globally. If there is a face to put with immigration reform, it is undoubtedly Mark Zuckerberg. His hand-print is emphatically stamped on this country, as well as worldwide where immigration originates. Who better?

  • No Zuckerberg should not get involved in immigration reform.

    No, I do not believe that Mark Zuckerberg has any right to get involved in immigration reform, and instead should focus on the continued growth and stability of Facebook. I believe that public figures who do not have any thing to do with public policy should stay out of hot button issues like immigration reform.

  • If I was Mark, I would not want to bother.

    How has political action helped the issue in the last 20 years? The whole thing is completely schizophrenic. The idea is to keep people out so our standard of living will not go down, but also not enforce the laws so well that manual labor costs too much. On top of it all, now we want to impose steep taxes on people who want to leave. He’s better off just doing his own thing.

  • No, why would He?

    I don't really understand what Zuckerberg has to do with immigration reform. Zuckerberg needs to stay out of politics and just run Facebook. He isn't even doing a good job running Facebook anymore, he doesn't need more problems. Zuckerberg does not have any credibility on the issue, I don't feel he knows anything about it.

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