• Junk food advertisers intend to try to control your mind with advertising ceaselessly and opposing the views of healthcare providers by sponsoring healthy activities

    Junk food advertisers spend 4.6 Billion a year trying to make themselves not look bad in light of the scientific research against them --proving they market unhealthy junk which is eventually going to kill you. 35 or so % of the country is obese and that % is getting higher every year -- every year doctors and the surgeon general put out publications negating the health of these foods( sugary drinks and junk food) -- and every year the food industry spends 4.6 billion on making themselves not look bad but good through the use of sexuality and drug use euphamisms --which relate in no way to the actual product

  • I think that marketing junk food to children should be banned.

    I think that any foods targeted towards children should be healthy to teach them good eating habits for life. In many cases, the parents are unhealthy eaters and are unwilling or unable to teach their parents to eat healthy. If a child learns to eat nutritous food young, they are more likely to desire those foods when they are older and live a healthier life.

  • No marketing junk food to kids should not be banned.

    Although marketing junk foods to kids is a sneaky tactic by junk food companies, they should be allowed to market them to whoever they want as it is the parents responsibility to teach their children good eating habits and help them make the right choices when it comes to what their kid chooses to consume.

  • Parents have a say

    It does seem unfair that children are pumped with commercials and advertisements that show junk food all the time but that doesn't mean they have to eat those foods. The advertisements might work and make the child want such food but that doesn't mean the parent have to get them that food. It should be up to parents to tell their children 'no' instead of just getting whatever their child wants. There are many commercials for other things that not everyone has to get.

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