Marriage should be based on love because it should be and it needs to be and there has to be love and love is important and it has to be based on love because love is important to people and people matter and it just has to be based on romance

  • Yes, it should be

    From my point of view marriage based on romantic feeling will bring about mutual tolerance, sacrifice, commitment and love. In this type of marriage, both side can be devoted, encouraging, helpful, patient and supportive for the other one. But besides love, it should be based on mutual understanding, sympathy and honesty. Although romantic feeling is one of the key to a good relationship, it's not the only factor that should be taken into account.

  • Marriage should be based on romantic love.

    It is important for couples to be in love before they commit to marriage. If a couple is not in love, they will not be able to live in harmony. Although arranged marriages are very common in the world, they usually do not make either party happy or satisfied in the end.

  • Of course it should

    I am sure that there are other reasons to get married, but I am a romantic so I think it should always be for love. What other reason is there to tie yourself to someone then the fact that you love them and you never want to live without them?

  • To a degree

    Romantic love is one of the key components to a good relationship, but it is not the only factor to be taken into account. Still, without romantic love, two independent people will almost certainly break up after a time. People who are economically dependent, however, have fewer options, and will do whatever.

  • No, Romantic love is different.

    Romantic love is not the same thing as committed love, Which actually is one basis of marriage. Romantic love is a feeling or an emotion, Something that can wear off. In fact, That type of love lasts less than 5 years. Committed love, However, Is a choice. Partners make a choice every day to keep their relationship going through every obstacles. THAT is what's essential to marriage, Not a short infatuation.

  • It is bad

    It is bad because you shoud be married whit logic well why you shoud be married whit love is it good you don't have any money, Houses, Cars and. . . But you have love is it true of cors it is not true well, Good bye.

  • Absolutely NOT based

    It should be based on God. People need to take the word "commitment" seriously. That means through sickness or health, rich or poor, thick or thin, you stick to your spouse. I know it's not easy if they have addictions or if they cheated on you, you stick to your spouse. Feelings are deceiving and in every marriage, you'll notice that romantic love fade in and out. It fluctuates so it isn't a good foundation. That's why it's more important to set God as the foundation. God doesn't change and God will help you focus on committing and doing the right thing. But keep in mind to let go when your spouse surely asks for freedom. God gave us free will and we are not to take that away from anyone.

  • It could be.

    Marriage is a very personal thing. It could be based on romantic love, or it could be based off intellectual attraction, sexual attraction, mutual dependency, or otherwise.
    What it should not be based off is concepts of 'traditional' marriage, purely for the sake of it. Marriage should be defined by the couple involved, because after all it is their lives and relationships.

  • No, marriage should be based on whatever people want

    I disagree, I think marriage should be based on whatever a couple chooses because that is their freedom. Our culture highly values romantic love for the basis of marriage even though romantic love fades for many people and marriages end up crumbling. It would be better for many if marriage was also viewed as a partnership in which they must work together with their partner to solve problems in contrast to making romance the foundation of a marriage.

  • No, it is up to the people involved.

    No, marriage should not necessarily be based on romantic love, because each person should decide to enter into a marriage for the reason that they want to. People in the United States tend to marry for love, but the marriages also do not last long. People should choose what priorities they want in a spouse, and then marry for those reasons.

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hookupapps says2018-02-21T19:56:42.480
Marriage could be based on true love, care and believe. A happy marriage should be based on love. Because when couples love, they will sympathise, tolerate, and share problems they meet in their marriage life.

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