Should marriage be encouraged as a route out of poverty and away from other social and economic problems?

  • Yes, in some strata of society.

    Of course,ultimately we hope that people can find their own talents and paths before joining in marriage. But marriage has always been a way for those who are poor to pool their resources and do better in the world as they raise a family. For some of our poorest, this should not be discouraged.

  • Marriage helps to bring stability to a family.

    I am a big believer that marriage helps to bring stability to a family. The couple are now committed to each other and have more incentive to work together to make things work for the family. Without marriage either person can feel that they can walk away when things do not go well.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • I believe that marriage can be used to solidify not only our country's social system, but also its economy.

    I live in a depressed community where some people actually avoid marriage, because it affects their welfare benefits. I think this indicates a serious problem in the way society now views not only marriage, but commitments of any sort. Marriage should be more strongly encouraged, because it creates a stronger sense of unity and responsibility not only among the couple, but among society as a whole.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • I strongly oppose marriage being used as a route out of poverty and social problems, because unless marriage is based on love and mutual respect, it does not have a strong foundation.

    I am definitely against using marriage as a way to escape poverty and social problems. Unless a marriage has a basis in love, mutual respect and commitment, it is probably doomed to failure from the start. Marriage is much too serious a business to be used for solving economic and social problems.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • It could help in some cases, just having two people legally bound together, especially if there are children.

    This is a tough call, but it might be beneficial to give the legal aspects of a marriage consideration, like health care benefits, tax credits, things like that. And having children and being married, it might give kids more of a chance to have at least one parent available more often than a single parent home where the child only sees their mom or dad when they are off work. It could help some families allow their children to stay in school longer rather than having to help support the family by quitting school and going to work, which should not be the case in this country ever.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • Yes, marriage should be encouraged because it can help people move out of poverty and other problems.

    The social stability produced by making a lifelong commitment to marriage is a strong motivator for people to work and better themselves. Studies show that married people are happier, less likely to live in poverty, and less prone to health problems. In addition, when a child is raised in a stable and loving home, that child is less likely to have problems in school and later in life. For these reasons society should make marriage attractive and provide strong supports for people getting and staying married.

    Posted by: R3yGoobIe
  • Marriage is an important and very personal life passage, and shouldn't be motivated by economics alone.

    Marriage is ideally a lifelong partnership of equals, and entering into it should be a personal choice made by two individuals who wish to be together forever. It shouldn't be used solely for economic purposes, although finances can sometimes be a factor in the decision. Since a poorly-matched marriage can result in endless misery for both parties, it would be dangerous to marry someone incompatible just for economic or other benefits. It's better to teach people to work to change their own lives for themselves.

    Posted by: RuthlessFreddie29
  • Marriage should not be encouraged as a way out of poverty, because it could lead to a higher level of poverty, and it should be about love, not money.

    When you marry someone, you are now taking care of two people, instead of one. If you are in poverty by just taking care of yourself, there is no way you can get out when you decide to add someone to the equation. Unless you marry someone who has more money than the average person, this is not a way to escape poverty. Marriage should also be about love. Marrying just to increase your social standing takes the love out of the equation, and increases the chance of divorce. The cost of divorce could also put someone in severe poverty.

    Posted by: EwaBob
  • I look at marriage both with an economic view, and a biblical view, so I do not think it should be used as a route out of poverty.

    Marriage is sacred, or at least that is what the Bible tells us. To get married, just to avoid poverty and better a person's economic and social problems, is not a good idea. It may have been so at one time, but now divorce runs rampant, and the reason many people get divorced is because of financial problems. Since this is such a factor, going into it with these types of problems is only a recipe for disaster.

    Posted by: R04chIsi
  • Marriage should be between people who love each other, not people who have alternative motives.

    Maybe I am idealistic, but I believe that marriage should be between people who love each other. Encouraging marriage to get out of poverty is not practical or moral. Instead of suggesting marriage as a way to get out of poverty, maybe we should encourage real solutions like education. Marriage for the wrong reasons can put women in worse situations like domestic violence and further oppression.

    Posted by: ParallelMan
  • I don't think people should use marriage as a way out of poverty.

    I think that people should marry for love alone and not as a way of bettering themselves economically or socially. I think that in the long run a person is much happier being with someone they love than being better off financially. I personally would never marry for money or to improve my social status.

    Posted by: GaudyTory37
  • I oppose marriages out of convenience; they seem to become more of a burden on society due to domestic violence or non-compatibility, making an unhealthy environment for children.

    Statistics have shown that marriages made for any reason other than love never last. Children that come from these marriages are often mentally unstable as they grow up watching their parents constantly fight and deal with domestic violence issues, and they then think it's all right to be that way when they grow up. Women's shelters were made because of these kinds of situations, thus creating more of a burden on society with economic issues due to them having to rely on welfare and putting restraining orders on their spouses.

    Posted by: R3yn4FerIi
  • Marriage should be promoted only as an institution that recognizes a bond between two people.

    Marriage as an institution seems to be endangered, but I don't believe encouraging it as a solution for one's problems is appropriate. Marriage is about love and commitment; society should stick with those elements in promoting the institution, and not subvert marriage by coming up with alternative rationales to tie the knot.

    Posted by: tabundes
  • Marriage should not be considered a way out of poverty, but rather a bond between two people who share common goals.

    Marriage must continue to be regarded as a bond between two loving people with common goals rather than a way out of poverty or other disadvantageous circumstances. If it is not the quality of life for both parties in the marriage will be severely compromised. In addition, any children would risk being brought up in a home that is not conducive to growing into healthy individuals. Marriage must be based on bonds rather than on finance.

    Posted by: esmeraldine
  • Marriage should not be encouraged as a route of out poverty because marriage could end up creating more problems.

    Marriage is in no way a reliable way out of poverty and away from other social and economic problems. In fact, it could lead to greater problems, including taking on the problems of the person you're marrying, and possible the additional costs of raising a family. There are typically additional issues that arise after marriage, and finances are often difficult for two people to agree on, and does not make things better.

    Posted by: EImerN4th
  • No I don't think marriage should be encouraged as a route out of poverty and away from social and economic problems because I don't believe it to be true.

    I don't think we should marry for this reason. Marriage is not to be taken lightly and it is not going to stop you from having difficult financial times. I think you can be single and still be better off. I think that this is a misconception.

    Posted by: Num3r0Kenn

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