• It could be better for some people.

    If marriage was temporary that could be better for America and I have a few reasons on why I am thinking this way. My first reason is that if you had to renew your marriage like a driver's license then people could avoid lawsuits and abuses. Second reason is that you could help both spouses by giving them chances and giving them time to think.

  • Yes. Marriage should expire like your driver's license.

    Marriages should be renewed every few years, say--every 4 years. If not renewed then the marriage would have expired and the marriage null. This would ensure that people in a marriage strive to work things out. The threat that their partner would not renew the marriage the next time around would be an incentive to work on problems and not take the marriage for granted because every 4 years they would risk losing the union by default if the other doesn't sign the marriage renewal.

  • That's not what marriage is

    As in vogue as has become lately to change what "marriage," is, the core tenet is still that it's a lifetime commitment. As far as I know they haven't changed THAT yet.

    Co-habitation outside of marriage has become completely acceptable in our society, so those who don't want a lifetime commitment are free to cohabit as spouses without getting married.

  • No, marriage is a lifetime commitment.

    Marriage is a binding agreement between two people, and the notion that it should be a renewable contract kind of negates the whole notion of marriage. Why bother to get married if you don't have enough faith in the relationship to make it a lifetime agreement. Any couple can live together for a period of time that is of short duration and then negotiate if they want to continue. That is what people already do without a contract of marriage.

  • Marriage is a commitment

    No, I don't believe marriage should be temporary. Marriage, within the religious parameters, is definitely for life. It is a commitment one makes to their partner that he or she will be there in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer and good times and in bad. If one doesn't believe in taking vows like this seriously, then don't get married.

  • No, it is a lifelong commitment

    Marriage is meant to be a lifelong thing. Society today is beginning to think that marriage is not a serious thing and that getting divorced is not a bad thing. This is bad because it is not good for raising children. Also, this mindset makes many people get engaged without really thinking it through first.

  • Marriage should be a lifelong commitment.

    Marriage is, and should be a lifelong commitment. Too many people go into marriage thinking they can just get divorced if it doesn't work out. They are unwilling, or unable to put the work into the relationship, and just give up because it's easier and less painful. If more people took their wedding promises seriously, society would be better off.

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