• Well, of course

    Imagine if your husband or wife was abusing you and you needed to get away from them. If you can't divorce them, you may end up in the hospital. Now, I may be drawing to conclusions as easily as the people saying that teens can't date because of teen pregnancy, but it is true. Also, crazy spouses can be a problem. I'm rambling, but in short, yes divorce should be an option.

  • Absolutely Firm yes

    For a marriage to work both parties have to be committed, they both also have to love one and other. If the marriage is not working because of lack of commitment or love then being forced to stay in such a situation would be very bad for each person plus it would be bad for their health. It would also be bad for any children of the marriage

  • Why should they have to suffer?

    I don't see how it is wrong for two people to get divorced if they are no longer happy in their marriage. People change over time, and so two people who used to like each other might not anymore. It would not be healthy for them to continue with their relationship. I am assuming that two people who want a divorce has tried everything they can to make it work, because a divorce is not exactly the first thing someone strives for. So if they can't make their relationship work, why should they have to continue with their marriage? They are allowed to choose for themselves, it is their lives.

  • Freedom is the key!

    When a person knows that he's free to do something he starts to feel relaxed, on the other hand if a person feels he's forbidden from doing something than he starts to do everything to do this taboo thing. Freedom makes us commit and be better persons so we won't feel any feeling to break free.

  • It is their choice.

    Obviously i do agree. When the marriage of the two people was with their own consent why should they be not allowed to break the relation.. It not necessary that their are some very big issues like cheating or others.. Their might be chances that they may not be able to get along with each other well. So at that point of life rather to drag a pointless relation it is better to break it and maintain the respect for each other.

  • Its all about commitment.

    When two people get married, they are making a commitment to one another to stay together; they are making a promise that, no matter how bad it may seem at the moment, they will pull through together. If you're not ready to make that kind of commitment, then don't get married! Even worse is when there are children involved. Divorces can ruin children's childhoods, and, potentially, their lives. Children need both their mother and their father in their lives, and divorce takes that away from them.

  • No fault Divorce destroys lives

    One person, who agreed to be committed to the other forever, should not be able to destroy their spouse's life. This is doubly so when the couple have children. Divorce ruins not only the childhood of the children but has negative ripple effects the rest of the children's lives. Learn to love each other. Ultimately divorce is simply a selfish decision, made when you care more about yourself than you do about your spouse and your children. No fault divorce should thus be eliminated as a legal option.

  • No Niggah okay

    They dont want to get a divorce. They dont want to get a divorce. They dont want to get a divorce. They dont want to get a divorce. They dont want to get a divorce. They dont want to get a divorce. They dont want to get a divorce. They dont want to get a divorce.

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