• It supports the family unit.

    I think tax cuts for married people are a good idea. It is a good way to help support child rearing. It has been shown that marriage provides the best environment in which to raise children. The current trend is for couples to choose not to bother getting married as much. Anything that can encourage them to form a stable marriage is a good thing.

  • Taxes should help people in moral relationships.

    Married people should get tax cuts. This is because marriage is a relationship based on morality and our country should strive to help people who are making moral life decisions. In addition, those who are married often face more expenses like house and car ownership, and they should get help for keeping up a stable society.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe married people should get tax cuts. In American, given the current laws, married people are actually penalized and made to pay a higher tax than their single counterparts. I feel like this is unjustifiable as marriage is suppose to be related to religion or it's a personal choice. It's not something that should affect your taxes or impact you negatively come tax time.

  • No, married people should not get tax cuts.

    This question seems to be asking if married people should pay a lower tax rate. My answer to that is no, and I don't believe that many people would argue for that case. The current situation in the United States allows for married people to file their taxes jointly. This means that in the case of a single income family, they may file with two people's exemptions. For example, the husband or wife works and earns $40,000, and the other partner stays home to raise the children. Without joint filing, the working partner would file their taxes and receive the single exemption. Currently, you are allowed to earn $6,000 tax free, so $6,000 is removed from their taxable income. The partner earned zero income, so they owe no taxes; the family as a whole pays tax on $34,000. Joint filing allows you to take advantage of the non-earning partner's exemption as well. Now the family only pays tax on $28,000 of income. If both partners work and earn more than $6,000, there is little advantage to filing jointly (other than simplicity).

  • No, I don't think married people should get tax cuts.

    I do not believe that married people should get tax cuts. I do not see any reason why they should. I don't think their situation warrants it. Getting married is a choice that they make on their own. If anything, married couples benefit already from having a shared income. I don't think they need more benefits from the government.

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