Should married women adopt their husbands' last names?

  • Sure women should adopt their husbands' last names

    Marriage is a civil agreement to live and interact as a family unit. Having the same last name is one symbol and tradition of that civil agreement. If a man wants to take his wife's last name he could that. Having the same family last name is a way to identify the individuals as a unit, a family unit.

  • If they want to then more power to them!!!

    A woman can chose whether she wants to take the last name of her husband or not. It should not be forced on her. It should still be her decision. But her original last name will be forever a part of her life. Just like when a woman is married her original last name is shifted to the position of her middle name. For instance if her name is Sarah Miller and her husbands last name is Smith, her new name would be: Sarah Miller Smith. But it is all up to what she feels is the right thing for her.

  • Sure, if they want to.

    Each couple needs to decide for themselves though. If the wife does not wish to take her husband's name, then she shouldn't. and she shouldn't be made to feel guilty or like less of a spouse because she wants to keep the name she's had her entire life. Many people feel a deep connection to their names and don't want to give them up.

  • No, it relates back to sexist times.

    Women should no have to adopt their husband's last names. The changing of the last name in some ways represents how the husband now "owns" the wife and that she is no longer her own person or individual. This counters the goals in today's modern society where women are striving to be treated as equals.

  • Im sad because in my place people even don't question against this unfair custom!

    Why do women adopt their husband's surname after marriage? Male and female are equal. So, why this male domination? I am a 14 years old girl and this thought always strikes me. It may be called a culture but I believe that society should be dynamic and there must be a change. After all, change is the law of life. And those who look into the past or present are certain to miss the future!
    And to those people who says women should adopt their surname to form a family unit, why ONLY WOMEN? WHY NOT MEN?

  • It's sexist. We don't belong to them.

    She can take it if she wants but she has every right to deny. My cousin, teacher, friends cousin, and more ik of didn't take their husbands last night. I don't see why we should. It was only there to show 'ownership' and we are liberated, guys don't own us, so I find it very pointless and absurd. And IF ANYONE HASN'T NOTICED YET TRADITION SUCKS!! So we should put this tradition down the toilet with the others

  • I really don't care

    My mom never changed her name. I have my dad's last name, but only because it sounded better with my first name. Traditionally, a woman adopting her husband's name was because she "belonged" to her husband (as in property) I think if a woman wants to change her name that's fine, but in some cases her last name sounds better than her husband's...

  • Not necessarily

    There is no "should" when it comes to something like this. If the woman wants to take her husband's name, then she can. If the husband wants to take his wife's name, he can. If they want to hyphenate or both keep their name, then let them. It is all a matter of personal opinion.

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