Should Mars be populated with extinct animals?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • I believe it is possible

    As a species we have evolved from cave dwelling savages to an intellectual species with advanced technology and the ability to leave our cradle for a limited amount of time. Though what you are describing is a century or more away, it is quite possible to do. I believe in that.

  • Yes, we can

    It might only be feasible with some species but a healthy mix of modern and extinct species would be interesting. I'm thinking about Ice Age megafauna and species of the polar regions as Mars is probably never going to be a tropical paradise...

    Contrary to what other commenters have said, cloning of extinct species is possible as long as their DNA is available and a close relative species exists (the latter might become redundant as science marches on).


  • When We Terraform Mars Let's Not Just Make A Boring Copy of Earth

    Mars should be interesting, beautiful, and different. When we terraform Mars we should populate its flora and fauna with species that are extinct on Earth through genetic engineering and cloning. We could also add new never before seen species made in laboratories. An ecological analysis should be held to make sure the animals actually fit in with the environment in a sustainable way.

  • Silly question - You can't create extinct animals!

    MasturDbtor has been watching too many reruns of Jurassic Park and Star Trek or Star Wars.

    Does anyone else’s find earth’s geography boring?

    Cloning animals that exist (e.g., sheep) involves a nuclear transfer, i.e. putting the nucleus of one cell into a second cell of the same species after destroying the second cell’s nucleus. There is no way to clone animals or plants that are extinct, except in science fiction movies.

    Landing a space ship on Mars with one or two humans on it is currently not possible. NASA says it could be only a decade away; but, it will hard and expensive; but, that is just a guess. And, getting hundreds of thousands tons of machinery to Mars to even build a Mars’ space station is not currently possible, even doing this on the Moon is a dream. And, of course, NASA will tell you it is possible.

    It is quite likely that it never will happen because of the fact that the human body evolved to exist on the planet earth. Living in space or on another planet without the same gravity and protection from solar wins for long periods of time might cause irreversible harm to the human body and even death.

    Mars gravity is 62% lower than on Earth. A person weighing 100 pounds of earth would weigh 38 pounds on Mars. Humans suffer bone loss and other health problems (e.g., high blood pressure, increased heart rate, vomiting dizziness, motion sickness, muscle loss) without the right amount of gravity. And, the longest anyone has stayed in space without gravity is 14 months – 437 days 18 hours.

    “Mars has a terrible atmosphere. Humans are pretty picky when it comes to atmospheric conditions. If the pressure's too high or too low, we die. If we don't get enough oxygen, we die. After all, we've evolved to live within a very specific layer of Earth's gaseous outer layer. Mars' atmosphere is very thin and incredibly cold. It lacks sufficient air pressure and contains way too much carbon dioxide.” It is most likely impossible to change Mar’s atmosphere one iota; but to change it into an atmosphere the same as earths again is science fiction; just pure nonsense. Why some people are go gullible to believe this nonsense is beyond my comprehension. Again, too much watching of sci-fi movies and playing video games.

    “It looks like humanities hope of turning Mars into a second Earth may never translate into reality thanks in part to the red planet’s lack of a magnetic field. Scientists have discovered that our Sun’s solar radiation may thwart all attempts at increasing the atmospheric pressure of the crimson world, which means we may never get the chance of witnessing a green Mars, let alone a blue one. Scientists have identified a sort of double-whammy solar super wave that is responsible for blowing away air from Mars and keeping its atmosphere thin, frigid and downright inhospitable for any possible future travelers.”

  • How would that happen?

    I don't even understand why such stupid questions are even allowed to be posted on this web site. How could such a thing every take place? I was not aware that we had the ability or science to resurrect extinct animals, hence why they are deemed to be called extinct.

  • Absolutely not, they wouldn't live!

    It would not be possible for mars to be populated with extinct animals, because extinct animals have certain environmental needs, and Mars could not provide environmental needs for any, or all, animals. Also, they would not survive all together, even if Mars could provide that environment. Perhaps Mars could be populated with pedophiles, though, who would only have each other to deal with.

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