• His abuses are obvious.

    Martin Shkereli has been very outspoken about what he has done in the media. In a way, he is a young Rod Blagojevich in that he is very public and very outspoken about what he is doing even though it is wrong. The price gouging tactics made by Shkereli raised immediate red flags and it is anything but a surprise that he had an ulterior motive behind his moves.

  • Yes, his arrest was justified

    Yes, Marting Shlereli put himself in the spotlight and based on the evidence against him due to his Ponzi scheme style securities fraud it was correct for the government to arrest him. We cannot allow unscrupulous people roam free and feel like they are somehow above the law so the arrest was justified.

  • Yes, Martin Shkreli should have been arrested.

    Martin Shkreli should have been arrested on the charges of fraud. An arrest does not mean a conviction. It simply means he is a suspect in a crime and will go through the judicial process to determine if he is guilty or not. Arresting him, if he is involved with fraudulent actions, demonstrates that corruption will not be tolerated and gets one step closer to finding the true criminal of the fraudulent activity he is accused of.

  • Shkerweli and Investments

    As a businessman, Martin Shkereli, uses his business acumen in a way which allows him to make a profit by hiking drugs which possess an excessive market demand. If any crimes were committed on his way to making a profit, and there are legal grounds for prosecution, then there is a case against him.

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