Should Martin Shkreli have been fired as CEO of KaloBios Pharmaceuticals?

  • Yes he should

    He should definitely have been fired. He committed a terrible and immoral act. Why would KaloBios want this man running their company? How could they trust him to make the right decisions? If I were an employee I would definitely not want him as my boss or CEO. I wouldn't have any trust in the man.

  • A rich an insensitive man

    Martin Shkreli is a heartless individual who does not deserve to be in any position of power. His ruthless and unkind pricing of important drugs was a direct attack on those suffering most. A true sociopath does not have any empathy, and I think there's no place for someone like that in a pharmaceuatical company.

  • His behavior has been irresponsible

    CEOs have been fired, retired and scooted out of the way after all kinds of industrial and corporate disasters. A person doesn't have to look far to mention British Petroleum, GM, Los Angeles Clippers and others. When managers and bosses and CEOs screw up, personally or professionally, they are sacked, even if they are jumping low to the ground with a golden parachute. Why is he treated differently?

  • No, Martin Shkreli should not have been fired as CEO of KaloBios

    While Shkreli's decision to drastically raise the price of an important HIV drug was ethically questionable and considered abhorrent by many, his duty is to his shareholders and he was acting within both the law and the standards of the pharmaceutical business. It is Shkreli's job to maximize profit and ensure the future of his company.

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