• Let him stay in jail.

    Let him stay in jail for his felony. I don't have sympathy for this man. He raised the price of an important medicine to the point it is hurting patients and the medical industry. He deserves the same punishment that anyone else in his situation should get, whether it's harsh or light.

  • If you break the law you must serve a jail sentence

    Martin Shkreli should stay in prison for his felony. As the saying goes if you can't do the time, don't do the crime. His crime is actually worst since he clearly would have defraud the American people and any investors in his Ponzi scheme. White collar crime is much more damaging to the public than any other crime.

  • Throw the book at him.

    It is true that the legal process needs to play itself out. Martin Shkreli, like everyone else, has the right to a fair trial. Having said that, the probable cause is very strong in this case and warrants Shkreli from being held without a bond. I do not know if that will ultimately happen, but hopefully justice will prevail when the final verdict is handed down.

  • This Guy is a Harmless Genius

    This is just a nice liberal lightning rod to distract attention from the real financial crimes that are taking place in the middle east and in the yearly fiscal US budget. This guy is so small time that it's seriously laughable that he's even getting so much publicity. He probably loves all of this and orchestrated the arrest for more PR. The guy is a genius.

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