Should Marvel consider a Latino superhero character next due to changing demographics in the US?

  • Yes, I belive that a Latino superhero would be a good idea.

    Yes, I believe that Marvel introducing a Latino superhero is a great idea. The Latino community has a very large presence in our country, and for years there had never even been a African American one. We now have a few, so I think its only right for Latinos to have one.

  • Include everyone you can.

    Marvel couldn't lose if they were to include a Latino superhero. Comic books throughout the ages are always pushing limits and stereotypes; why not one more? Giving a new demographic someone to cheer for and love would only increase sales and love from the public. Even demographics that aren't the Latino community would embrace a new character.

  • Not a bad idea

    While I think Marvel should first do a movie with Black Panther in it, I think it is also a good idea to show a Hispanic hero in at least one of their movies. My favorite Latino Marvel hero as a kid was Sunspot (Roberto Da Costa of the New Mutants), so I think it would be cool to give him a role in the next X-Men or Wolverine movie.

  • They're still a minority......

    Why does anyone care about a Latino Superhero? It's fictional entertainment for Pete's sake. Why does Marvel have to appease a minority, the majority of whom are coming illegally? What kind of message would that send if Marvel catered to a mostly illegal minority, for what? Fairness? Please. That would be dumb.

  • Choose Character to suit role

    Race should be irrelevant. There should never be an increased or decreased chance of a character from a certain background being featured - these should just be at random, depending on what suits the characters background and character. I certainly wouldn't say that a change in the common race of an area should have any impact on anything.

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