• Way too many people are ignorant

    "You are a Marxist! "
    What is a Marxist?
    "Uh, Uh they topple statues and they hate God"!
    Just look at ATR2004 he probably has no clue what it is.
    I am not lying I am seeing people fuse Nazis and Communists And Muslims into one group.
    Are they being homeschooling?
    Or has their school axed the history teachers?

    This guy ATR2004 says that he is forced to accept it in his "English" class? Must be a charter school or something because that is not taught in any high school that I know of.

  • Marxist theory should be taught in schools no less than any other ideology.

    All major political ideologies should be taught in schools, Whether people agree with them or not. That's what politics is; people not agreeing with each other. Students should be able to make their own mind up and not be shaded from history. Discrimination isn't political. There are people of all ideologies who discriminate. If students are only taught ideologies their teachers agree with, Their agenda will be more biased than it should be.

  • Marxism is social and scientific analysis of historical materialism.

    Marxism is quite useful for analysing social relations and economic development of our history. It also explains thoroughly functioning of capitalism and provides critiques. Marxism could very-well motivate students to be more independent, To organize coop enterprises, Unionize and further develop democracy. I will just quote Marx here: "The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles. Freeman and slave, Patrician and plebeian, Lord and serf, Guild-master and journeyman, In a word, Oppressor and oppressed, Stood in constant opposition to one another, Carried on uninterrupted, Now hidden, Now open fight, A fight that each time ended, Either in a revolutionary reconstitution of society at large, Or in the common ruin of the contending classes. " There is, Of course, More to it, But this will suffice

  • We should, So people understand how bad it is.

    Marxiste ideology is destructive. It destroys nations, People, Culture, Livelihood, Everything.
    All of this, Hidden under a false righteousness, False promesses to the people looking for hope and a good justification for criminals.
    Everywhere his ideas were applied ended up destroyed, In chaos.

    Yes, By all mean, Teach to young people what is Marxism, So they never ever walk this path.

  • Marxist Theory can be an interesting education topic, But it’s often forced upon students in a bias manner

    Marxist theory is often forced upon students, Especially at the high school level when English becomes more philosophical and political. Marxism alone is not inherently bad, But in some countries and states/provinces, The theory is forced upon students without allowing any debate about Marxism, And students are then made to write essays and create projects pretending to support Marx even if they have serious issues with his ideas. Unless political bias can be eliminated, Marxism education serves as a propaganda tool, Whether it’s intended to or not.

  • No marxist theory is wrong.

    I don't think it should forbidden to teach it at schools. I think in general schools should have more choice in what they teach. But I would rather put my children(not that I have any) in a school that doesn't teach those ideologies. Or at least one that prsents it in a balanced maner, By also
    teaching kids about the critisms. But I don't think many schools would teach it that way.

    1st draft:
    He was wrong. The world has proved him wrong. The whole theory looks at the world through a very materialistic lens, There is more to life than who has stuff and who doesn't. The topic isn't for high school students.

  • NO. Marxism destroys social cohesion in a nation.

    Why would we teach Marxism in schools? That is like teaching Nazism, Which I happen to be in favour of. But no one would suggest teaching that in an American, European or Australian school simply because it is an idea so far removed from the national values of any of those areas. Instead it is taught as a component of history, And so Marxism should be taught. God, You can't go anywhere without hearing about how 'evil' and 'horrible' and 'genocidal' Hitler was. Well guess what. Marxism destroyed the environment. Perhaps even better than capitalism does. Marx wanted the exploitation of man by man to give way to the exploitation of nature by man. How's that for a nice progressive ideology? The Soviets wanted to pave over the entirety of Russia. They didn't care about heavy metal pollution, Carbon emissions or ozone destroying chemicals. They released more nuclear toxins than any other country. And China, Well Marxism was a disaster there too. Marxism failed historically, So miserably that we ought not to talk about it without an obligatory condemnation of its ecocidal and genocidal outcomes. Teach it in schools by all means, Under the heading "Dangerous Toxic Ideologies that should Never be Repeated Ever Again. "
    Last, Why would we teach Marxism if the ideology explicitly preaches against national solidarity? Is that what we want our children hearing? I don't think many people who understand the anti nationalist dimensions of Marxism would be in support of teaching this particularly noxious school of thought.

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