• The point is about equality

    The point of both is about equality and hence they should both be taken just as seriously as the other one. Treating one as more important than the other is sexist. In a perfect world, Nobody would need to worry about either, But as we live in a world where most think that their gender is better, We non - sexist people need to kind to both (to stay true to the non - sexism).

  • Double-standards on violence due to gender is an important issue

    If a woman abuses a man, Nobody cares. No news are made about it. People sleep on its importance. People say: "He probably deserved it". That is very unfair and that has to be fought against. If there are legal problems with an incident of VAW, It takes the media by storm. However, When an incident of VAM is tried to be invalidated, People agree with it. And there you go, Masculinism and its point.

  • Men and women should be equal

    As a a man I feel uncomfortable when I realise there are majority of women who take offence to our gender. It is nearly everywhere. A woman can do anything if they wanted.

    If a man wore a dress he would be laughed at.

    My mate was always blamed by his sister when ever she did something wrong. However he always had to take the blame because he is her'brother'. Whenever it was his fault he always fesses up.

  • Men need to be equal to women

    Women have more privilege than men. Men are less likely to have custody of thier children. Modern feminism isn't good, it devalues men and I don't won't a world where my son is called a rapist just because he is boy. Male-privilege doesn't exist only Female-Privilege.
    Mwah good night everybody!

  • Yes, women shouldn't be payed more attention to then men.

    Men and women are equal. After all you hear everything about feminism, always women's rights, but what about men are we just forgotten, what about us we're still here and yet no one stands up for us. A man could call 911 saying he was raped by a woman and the operated would probably laugh at the victim, because rape can only happen to women, men can't be raped. A woman would get a shorter prison sentence than man who was charged with the exact same crime. What about us, aren't we important anymore?

  • Yass men are great

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  • We all have problems too.

    Women have problems and men have problems. No gender has more issues or more important issues over the other. Both male and female have advantages and disadvantages throughout life. Feminism focuses on women rights and masculinism focuses on men rights. I don't believe each group is against each other, rather they focus on the issues they have. Instead of name calling and arguing who has the bigger problem each group should take the time to listen to one another issues and concerns. Do credited research from trustworthy nonbias sources in order to find and fix the areas of inequality our society. But if we voice hate and only care about our group then things won't progress positively where each group can feel heard.

  • If it is ever needed yes!

    Of course! In society today we don't really need it but if we ever did then it of course. People make the mistake of feminism being about male hating. Those are not feminists. I'm a feminist and I don't hate guys. I just want females and males to be on equal levels on society.

  • Hey, let's be equal here.

    Of course it should be taken seriously. As a feminist, I believe in equality for ALL and masculinism is included. Feminism is just given more mention because women were treated like inferiors for ages and sadly, in a lot of places still are. That, however, does not mean masculinism shouldn't be taken seriously.

  • Feminism is all about equal rights so of course yes.

    To be equal, each sex needs to be treated equally. So anyone saying that masculinism shouldn't be took seriously, isn't truly a feminist. Just a stuck up female.

    In my personal opinion, any female claiming otherwise are just as sexist as men that claim that females are the lesser sex.

  • Feminism Is About Equality, not

    The point of feminism is to create equality. How can you fight for the group that has always been in power. If you want gender equality, you are a feminism, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman. What rights do women have that men don't have? There is no reason for masculinism.

  • No, it is silly.

    Just as we can not take seriously white rights as an answer to black rights because the former are historically the oppressors, so we can not take seriously a movement such as masculinism. Feminism was a response to oppression and it is just silly to now have a response to the response.

  • No it shouldn't.

    It may sound bad, but I do not think that masculinism should be taken as seriously as feminism. This is because, in general, men have never had their rights threatened or taken away from them. Some men feel that life is not fair for them, but this is usually because they want things to go back to the days when women spent their lives taking care of the man.

  • We dont care

    Men do not really care about voicing our opinions out all that much, so no I think the womens should be taken more seriously, simply because they have so much more energy behind their fight. Men really do not care about expressing our concerns and feelings towards everyone fighting for us.

  • Feminism means equality for all genders

    So basically creating this "new" side just for men would be idiotic. I know it sounds contredictory since I don't want them to have their own group, but if a guy feels uncomfortable using the term feminist, are they truely fighting for equal rights? Even though from what I've seen Mansculinists seem more like 'Femenazis' due to the fact they're only focusing on their gender, not really focusing on true equality, though I may be wrong on that point...

  • Feminism is for rights, Men already have that.

    Id say that yes, Men and women should be treated equally, But masculinism shouldnt be taken as seriously as *good* feminism because men were always treated with high respect. Women were lesser than men. Men were expected to be strong, Yes. But they werent publically shamed by their loved ones, They werent kept from voting, They werent forced to be submissive. Yes they have their issues, But their rights will always be there. Feminism is supposed to be women fighting for their rights, Not their social expectations.

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Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-02-14T19:26:13.570
Or we can all shut up and accept it that we are all human. :)
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