Should masculinity be considered in regards to recent mass shootings?

  • In regards to marketing yes

    The rifle used in the most recent mass shooting came with an advertisement claiming owning one was the way to reclaim your masculinity. The line drawn between gun ownership and being a man would be comical if it wasn't so tragic. You can be a man without owning a firearm, despite the NRA insisting otherwise.

  • Yes, masculinity should be considered in regards to recent mass shootings.

    Since men are the majority of perpetrators in the mass shootings, then we should try to find out why. For us to be able to understand the reason behind the shooters, we need to find common characteristics among the shooters. Statistically, men commit more crimes than women. The only crime men and women are equal in is shoplifting. If we can find out the reasoning behind the crimes, then we can maybe find a solution to stop the shooting.

  • Only if it's in the context of mental disabilities

    Yes, masculinity should be considered only in regard to the mental health of the person responsible for the tragedy. There may be a connection between being male and the acceptance of violence. This would clearly be a mental issue that should be addressed in this way. If being male does not necessarily mean more violent, then it should not be considered.

  • The notion is absurd.

    What does a persons masculinity have to do with mass shootings at all even? Correlation does not imply causation! Masculinity is completely irrelevant to mass shootings anyway! The masculinity of a person has no effect on their mental health and especially not on mass shootings. To say so would be like saying something as equally irrelevant as race should be considered in mass shootings.

  • No, mental illness is the cause of the incidents.

    Masculinity, like anything, can be taken to far. Now trying to isolate masculinity as an actual cause or even a fueling factor in the recent shootings is completely absurd. That would be like trying to pin femininity for someone who feels compelled to kidnap a child because of an extreme maternal instinct, . . . just as an example. Any of these horrific tragedies should be blamed for severe mental illnesses, and not petty ideals such as masculinity.

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