Should Maserati produce even higher-end models that cost over a million American dollars?

  • There is always a market for high-end bespoke vehicles

    Luxury manufacturers like Maserati are always going to be out of reach for the average consumer, and most people simply accept this fact. These manufacturers turn out a product that's not designed to be economical or even reasonable - it's designed to stand out and be flashy. Occasionally these manufacturers will push themselves and the limits of engineering at the same time to create a truly unique - though obviously quite expensive - bespoke luxury car. While the average person is unlikely to ever see, much less drive, such a car they very well might benefit from its construction in the form of novel design or manufacturing ideas.

  • These hold extreme value and appeal

    hi end car manufactures have been producing ever increasingly space age vehicles and as the percentage of people who are millionaires increases it makes sense that this market is addressed by the higher end luxury vehicle. These vehicles do not need to be mass-produced but can be custom door limited produced too especially in their appeal.

  • No, Maserati should not produce even higher-end models that cost over a million American dollars.

    What is the purpose of owning a $1,000,000+ vehicle? It really has no practical purpose. The rich will buy them for their speed, looks, and for brand recognition so that others will find value in him/her. We as a nation (in the US) idolize those that are rich and famous, dreaming of making it there someday. But you can't take these things with you when you leave this world. They are all material objects. You can get a fast sports car for under $50,000 (which is still overpriced by my book); why on earth would you waste over $1,000,000 US dollars on a single vehicle? There is no reason other than image, a materialistic image. No, Maserati should not continue down this extremity, by creating this "high-end" model that costs so much.

  • Who needs a million dollar car

    Some of these people are just getting ridiculous. This is why stuff always cost so much. Sure a million dollar car is probably cool as hell, but what purpose does it serve, other than looking cool? Remember when vehicles were for getting you and your family from point A to point B?

  • No Maserati should not product high-end model priced over one million US Dollars.

    I don't believe that the market for high-end automobiles will support the production of any vehicle priced at a million dollars or more. Maserait would be risking a major amount of the company's equity to build such an expensive auto and there is no proven market for such a car, or any way to develop such a market.

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