• Absolutely it should be Legal.

    For so many reasons, not the least if that being this is America and I choose to smoke.
    Just like I choose not to drink.

    Marijuana V's Alcohol :

    Car A has teen drivers with Alcohol.

    Car B has teens smoking weed...

    Which CAR would u prefer Ur son or daughter to get into ? Car A or Car B.

    Controlling Marijuana laws will NOT make the same mistakes as we did with alcohol.

  • Yes It should

    This is a free country and honestly compare marijuana to alcohol and tobacco/cigarettes. Marijuana is actually safer than them yet the current society has attempted to brainwash teenagers into immediately thinking that ALL DRUGS are bad, but really which is worse? Which has medicinal properties? Which should be legal, if marijuana can't be legal then neither should alcohol or tobacco

  • Unquestionably, yes we should

    Whereas marihuana has both medicinal and recreational value, it should be legal for adults18 and over to consume and enjoy. As a society, we are focused constantly on doing things faster, with more intensity and alertness- as evidenced by our coffee and energy drink consumption.

    Why not allow a stressed out, frayed nerve population to make the choice to relax in a manner that doesn't involve an addictive prescription or alcohol, which is both addictive and destructive in many ways? Marihuana won't kill your liver, won't make you go so far as to kill to acquire it and is far less corrosive on a societal scale.

    Of course, people need to enjoy marihuana responsibly. We can't have stoned driving anymore than we can drunk driving and this can be regulated in much the same way. From what I see, there are no other reasons to intellectually oppose legalization- let the people relax already!

  • It should be legalized all at once

    I do not approve of just one single state legalizing marijuana; because, that could cause quite an uproar with certain people of the state and others. I do believe one day marijuana will in fact be legalized. Once that day comes, I think it should be a national thing in every single state.

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