Should massive farms use intensive farming techniques despite the dangers of another Dust Bowl?

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  • No they shouldn't

    I do not think that massive farms should use intensive farming techniques, especially because of the dangers of another Dust Bowl. Intensive farming techniques should not be used because they are bad for the environment. I think it would be beneficial to have smaller localized farms. They are more manageable and the more local, the better for everyone and the environment.

  • They should not.

    Massive farms should not start using intensive farming techniques despite the dangers of another Dust Bowl. We should do everything that we can in order to avoid another Dust Bowl. Having another Dust Bowl will be detrimental to the agriculture economy and that will have a domino effect hurting the whole economy.

  • We need better farming

    These massive corporate farms that use intensive farming techniques put a lot of stress on the land and could alter the landscape if we are not careful. We need to practice safer farming techniques in order to not have another dust bowl or other disasters onour hands. Local farms are the best.

  • No, the risk of another Dust Bowl is too high

    Farmers should not use intensive techniques that risk another Dust Bowl. The damage to the economy and the ecosystem was too intense and another one would be devastating. The Dust Bowl was a combination of a manmade and a natural disaster, and given the strength of natural disasters we've been experiencing lately, who knows how intense it could be.

  • Crop Rotation, Organic Farming Works Best

    Instead of intensive farming, massive farms should rotate crops and use organic growing techniques to ensure the land is used properly. Intensive farming made erosion in the Great Plains a huge problem when the topsoil was too loose and was swept away by wind. Hopefully, those conditions will never happen again. If a Dust Bowl occurs now, millions of people will starve from lack of food.

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