Should masterpieces of art be purchased through a nation's lottery proceeds?


    After the success of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, millions of pounds are being poured into sport, encouraging young people to take part in worldwide sporting events, in the hope that they will make our nation proud. Young people are constantly being encouraged to try their very best, to perform to the highest level and be a success. Great artists of our time and those in the past produced amazing works of art: masterpieces that will last through the centuries and put Britain on the map. Their work is admired and respected globally. Surely, it would be the job of a nation to pull together and protect these masterpieces, so we can encourage and inspire the youth of today that their future works would not be lost. The National Lottery would be the perfect source to achieve this.

  • Masterpieces of Art

    I personally think that masterpieces of art should be purchased through a nation's lottery proceeds because it just brings a different idea as well as a different thought to the table about masterpieces. I personally think that masterpieces of art is an artwork that can express the artist and how it felt or feels.

  • Yes, it should be allowed.

    The proceeds of a nation's lottery should used to purchase pieces of art. I don't see any problem with this at all. What is the problem here, exactly. I fail to see how this would be a problem. Money is money, and if funds are to be used, why not use lottery proceeds.

  • Master pieces should be enjoyed by all.

    I think that anything that is considered a masterpiece should be hung in a museum for all to see. I think that it should be hung in the country of the person who painted it so that their fellow country man can enjoy it more. Art is supposed to be an expression of someone and it is a shame for only a few people to be able to see it at any time.

  • Go to people

    I think that any extra money that the state gets from the lottery should go back to the people. Here in Arkansas the state takes our lottery, and give out a scholarship to a lot of kids trying to pay for college, which is a better investment that buying art.

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