Should maternity leave be paid by the employer and not the government?

Asked by: Kavamoni
  • Is it really beneficial for the government to pay the maternity leave and shouldn't`t employers do it instead?

    There are a couple of arguments to support this idea-
    1. Corruption would be minimized because through documentation processes government officials can often be corrupt, however if the company was responsible for it, they would check the documents carefully
    2. Why should all the tax payers pay for someone else`s child and the mother`s vacation? It is against equal rights as no one has a choice. If the burden feel on the company, then every employee would have a choice to leave the company if they disagree with the policies
    3. Women in universities are the majority, however when they receive a year or two year paid maternity leave they often leave the workforce. If women were given a couple of months they would come back to their jobs quicker and would contribute to the whole country`s GDP
    4. Corporations would be capable of selecting the best future employees and the relationship between the employees and employers would be better, since workers would want to come back to the companies which offer best payments.

  • Maternity leave leave paid to employer

    Maternity leave should be paid to the employer instead of the government because the employer is the one paying the employee. We can cut out the middle man and make the payment faster with still keeping track of the money this way. No one needs the government to handle every single dollar in this instance.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    Why would a company pay someone to do absolutly nothing? This would encourage companies to discriminate against women even more because they don't want to pay maternity benfits.

    If women want to have a baby, they can just stop working for a while, instead of demanding money for nothing.

    Comanies already have to deal with finding substitutes for women who leave work... Why should we put more burden on them?

    If maternity leaves should be paid AT ALL (which I'm still not sure about), it should be by the goverment, because protecting women who are at a disadvantage is a societal issue.

    I'm all for gender quality, but there is a place where you just cross the line..

  • No, why should a company have a burden.

    Why should a company, which is profit based pay a woman who has a child, when they are receiving nothing in return. Paid maternity leave should be the husbands responsibility. The government cannot afford to pay for people not contributing to the economy, unless they are willing to, say pay a tax to support woman having children.

  • No, it shouldn't

    Let me get this straight - you leftists want employers to have to pay people for doing absolutely nothing? You want employers to have less money to hire new employees, temp workers (which are needed if someone is on maternity leave), and expand their business? No wonder businesses aren't hiring or expanding.

    Posted by: TN05
  • Government maternal leave is essential if we are to achieve gender equality in the workforce.

    As a small business owner I would be wary about hiring a recently married woman for fear that she will get pregnant and drag my company down. I know what US laws say about discrimination and all that... But in the real world lets face it, people don't give a shit about whats right and fair when money is on the line, it's just human nature. In the real world I would just not hire a woman of child bearing age and make up some lame ass excuse like "sorry there was a more qualified applicant" and then who are you to argue with me? Discrimination laws are nearly impossible to enforce and therefore are ineffective at dealing with this type of social injustice.
    I think the government should pay for maternal leave and definitely not put this financial burden on a company. This would lessen the incentive (but not totally eliminate) for gender inequality in the workforce. The US GDP may suffer if less women are working, but then why does that matter? Do we need the entire population slaving away making products we don't really need for the sake of GDP? Is the progress of a country measured by its GDP or rather the healthiness of its population. Longer and government aided maternal leave is absolutely essential as it promotes healthier families by incentivising mother and child bonding time during a child's first crucial year. A child's mind is learns and develops incredibly fast in the first year, having mom at home is the healthiest way to ensure our next generation grows up healthy and happy.

  • Reproducing is an employee's choice that shouldn't be paid for by the employer.

    Why should the employer get saddled with paying someone to NOT work for months on end? It's the employee's decision to have a baby. People who have NECESSARY procedures, i.E. Heart surgeries, etc. That are life or death situations do not get paid medical leave for 3 months--and they don't HAVE an option not to have surgery. If one can't afford the time off, don't reproduce.

  • Employers should not be forced to pay for the personal choices of employees

    Being forced to pay for maternity leave would create an undue financial burden on employers due to a employees' personal choices to have a child, which is something that the employer has no say in whatsoever. It's not fair to make employers pay for the non-work-related personal choices of their employees.

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