• Yes, But only if it is done properly.

    I think math should be taught, But only if it is taught properly (which is very rare). People should learn math because it teaches you about problem solving. However, Schools seem to have lost sight of this and instead make students do the same tedious problems over and over again. Teachers always say that math is about the applications, But unless you get a job in the sciences, The math learned beyond middle school is useless. And even then most jobs in science don't require any math. Even the most famous mathematicians say that it's not about applications. A lot of people say they hate math and it does not require any creativity, But this is only because math class is so repetitive. Unless schools switch to a math curriculum centered around creative problem solving like on math contests, Then it should only be required up to middle school.

  • It is good.

    First of all, It is good because I mean it is good, And no matter what it still is good. Some people say that is bad but they still think that is good inside. They think it is good and spread the good the the others. Therefore, It is good.

  • Math is part of our daily lives

    I love math and the best part about it, Is that its important and vital for life. We live in a world full of math and for that this skill is just as important to have. Knowing math will also open many doorways for you once you reach adulthood. Thanks

  • Math should be taught.

    I'm a high school sophomore and I have never been a math person and probably never will be, it has to happen. I don't know that I'll ever use it, but there may be people that might, and might ask for your help. Those people may think only you have the tricks that will do for them. Plus, you might use that advanced algebra! You never know!

  • Math is More than Finding X

    Math does alot more than solving for a variable. Math is an important agent in developing critical thinking skills and can develop spatial perceptions. Geometry can be, and is, used everyday either in a cognitive way or a physical way. Math also is not limited to equations, you can generate critical thinking problems that don't require numbers, but simply understanding and use of logic to solve problems.

  • If Course It Should

    I believe we need to implement the curriculum covered in College Algebra at the high school level, for all students. Therefore, math is one of the more important subjects high school students will study. I believe math is important and it is often required for those in college, so it wouldn't make any sense to remove it from the curriculum.

  • Math should be taught from birth till death

    YES! Math should be taught from the time a baby can recognize the characters till a person dies. Math is the central building block of all education. I am not suggesting that everyone should be good at math, as that will not happen. Eliminating math from High School is akin to turning schools into more of a public day-care than any kind of educational institute.

  • Math is necessary

    Math has to be taught in high school because it is the single most important topic to study in order to be successful in today's competitive society. If it was not taught in high school, America would be passed by many other countries. Math is crucial for an advanced society .

  • It helps us think.

    Yes, math should be taught in high school, because the people who do not bother to learn math will spend their lives being taken advantage of by the people who do. If you do not know math, credit card companies and auto loan companies will eat you for lunch, and you will not know what bad deals you are getting.

  • It is not necessary.

    I take advanced geometry in high school and it is way too extreme for some students. I never want to do a job that includes math and I would quite honestly rather work at McDonald's. Math should be a subject that is optional after already knowing the basics from elementary and middle school. These higher up math courses are also often forgotten so it doesn't make sense why we would still learn these things, Especially if we can just look up how to if we ever find the skills needed.

  • Math shouldnt be taught in school

    Kids are not doing well i that subject due to how they do not understand it so well. Kids then become angry and depressed and mad over this subject because the teachers don't really try to help kids understand. The teachers and districts are just giving out worksheets and tests and don't help kids understand or help them when they need it.

  • I disagree with the fact that math should not be taught in schools. However, I think it should be an elective course in upper grades.

    High school is usually the place where students' passions are ignited and discover their path and keen subjects. When students discover what drives them, They prefer exploring/learning subjects that they are interested, Instead of wasting time to learn things they feel indifferent about. Also, Some students focus more on the subjects that are related to the career that they want to pursue. For example, If a student is certain that he/she wants to become a journalist, They may focus more on literature rather than math. I disagree with the fact that math should not be taught in schools. However, I believe that math should not be a mandatory course that some students loathe to take, Especially in high school. For instance, Most high school math courses tend to teach advanced strategies that are usually not commonly needed in our mundane society. Therefore, If a student thinks that math is not their passion or it is not beneficial towards their career, They can choose not to learn it. Ultimately, I believe that learning mathematics should not be compulsory in upper grades because it is inconvenient for students who are willing to pursue careers that are unrelated to mathematics and some strategies are redundant since they are not likely to be used beyond the classrooms. Some may argue that math is needed for going to post secondary or that the minimal math skills that a student needs may not be taught in lower grades due to their teachers. If we were to make math as an elective course, The rules for teaching the right math strategies in certain grades should become more stringent, And the math level for going to post secondary should be adjusted for each student depending on how many math courses they have taken in high school.

  • Advanced math should be an elective

    We shouldn't have to take advanced math K-12th grade, We should only be taught it K-8th grade and then after that, Advanced math should be electives in high school and you can pick it whether you think its a benefit towards your career or if you just like math in general. I don't remember the last time I had to find X in a real world problem besides math class. That's just my opinion

  • Math is redundant

    I feel that past 8th grade you should have the choice to take math because the argument that you need math in life is ignorant to the fact that you learn all you need to know up to middle school. I feel high school math is pointless, Redundant, And excessive.

  • Math had already been taught through primary and secondary schools,

    There is no need to study the same thing all over again. In my opinion, Math in high schools should be an elective course. Students who are sure they won't use math for college and future careers or students who are simply not good at math should definitely not learn math anymore and focus on subjects of their interest. I am in the final year of high school and I also have dyscalculia, Which makes learning math harder for me. Math is still a required subject in my school. I am sure I will not use math during my university years since I'm planning to study political science. Complicated math won't help in life unless one is becoming a mathematician, Scientist, Or a math teacher.

  • C. Show there are four degrees of freedom.

    This is a math question in my math packet, I'm a junior in I.B.. If someone can tell me when the knowledge of having that question's information will ever be useful in my life then I will become a math teacher. In conclusion most of what we learn in math will not help us in life. Both of my parents are pretty successful and they couldn't understand the math that I was learning in middle school.

  • Maths is horrible

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