Should Maths be made Compulsory in VCE like English?

Asked by: npower14
  • Mathematics one of the essential subjects like science, language, etc.

    May be more than that because of its wide use in our daily life. A common man who engage in business with a small shop not required science or language but maths is the world of him.. Same as each and every aspect of our life is related to this subject to a great extent...

  • Yes it should

    Mathematics is one of the key aspects of any profession, you may not know it but maths is all around us all the time and all professions to a degree requires the employees to harness this knowledge to there work. I know your thinking 'we are talk about maths at school not in the work place!' That is true but what comes after school hm. Not everyone strives to be a mathematician but like I preposed earlier, all proffesions need to work with mathematics. How do you expect young people to do well in there career if they haven't even completed high school with one of, if not the most important parts of their education?

  • Maths should is the basis of a well lived life

    Maths is important as this is basically a necessary skill to have when functioning in society and also in order to be able to think reasonable or logically in society. I am a strong believer, even if they are not good at it, they can still do the easier maths!!! They don't need to be Albert Einstein, but they should at least finish year 12 Maths

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