Should matters such as planet classification be decided by a vote of only 424 astronomers?

  • Yes, they would know

    I know I have no clue how to vote for planet classification, the astronomers would have a better look into this than I would. The people just roll with the punches on this one. They seem to have it under control and it really means nothing to us if Pluto isn't a planet.

  • Yes, they should

    Astronomers are the ones who study planets every day of their lives, so why wouldn't this be the way to go? Maybe astro-physicists should be brought on board too, I don't know. But having that many astronomers vote on planet classification seems the most sound way possible to decide these matters.

  • No, voting matters for planets should be more general.

    I think that when it comes to voting for a planet's classification, the process should depend on more than just 424 astronomers. I think that there shouldn't necessarily be a limit to the people. I think that more and more people in different categories should be able to share their opinions.

  • It's just an opinion.

    No, matters such as planet classification should not be decided by a vote of only 424 astronomers, because it is just their opinion as to how Pluto is classified. All of the millenials still say that Pluto is a planet, whether or not 424 astronomers vote otherwise or not. We can each decide Pluto's fate for ourselves.

  • It should be a vote

    When it comes down to something as big and serious as classifying and then possibly naming a planet in space that everyone gets to celebrate, it should come to some sort of vote. It shouldn't be allowed to just four hundred and twenty four astronomers. Those astronomers shouldn't get to speak for the entire world.

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