Should Mauritania be ruled by a dictatorship (yes) or a democracy (no)?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • They have slaves and punish people with death if they try to convert to another religion

    Mauritania punishes people with death if they are Muslim and try to become non-Muslim. They also have de facto legal slavery. Anti-slavery laws are on the books but never enforced.

    And they do have elections with competing parties, so they are a democracy.

    This proves that democracy is only as good as the people living there and whether the people decide to do anything about their problems.

    Mauritania would be better off run by a dictatorship provided the dictator is a slavery abolitionist and supporter of freedom of religion. The international community should support installing such a dictator. Mauritania tried democracy, it failed. Maybe the Mauritanian people will be ready to make better decisions in the future but at least for now they are not.

  • I think Mauritania should be ruled by a democracy.

    I think that Mauritania and all countries should be ruled by a democracy. A democracy is the fairest way to govern a country. When you let the people decide who they want as as their leaders, they have more control. Dictatorships give one person too much power and are rarely good for the country.

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