• Yes they are required to pay taxes just like us.

    As a lot of people who agreed that the mayors should be required to pay for taxes, mayors are also citizens but with a more higher title than us who's the head of a town elected by the public and just because they work for the government, that shouldn't be the reason why they're not paying for the taxes and should all take in parts of paying taxes just like every citizens do.

  • Their fair share, right?

    Yes, mayors should be required to pay taxes, because Obama says that everyone should pay their fair share. In fact, the mayor is probably well-paid, so he should pay more in taxes than everyone else. We all need to pitch in because there are many social services offered in America, and someone has to pay for it.

  • Yes, Mayors are Citizens too

    If you're an American citizen, you are required, by law, to pay taxes. Having a specific job title should never exclude a person from paying taxes. Working for the government should not exclude a person from having to pay taxes. Considering how much the mayor benefits from taxpayer money, such as residence, and salary, the mayor should follow the same laws as everyone else.

  • Why Wouldn't They

    I don't understand why a mayor wouldn't pay taxes. A mayor is just an elected official, they're still citizens who often have additional sources of income beyond their pay as a mayor. They should and I think generally do pay taxes just like the rest of us. And I don't think there should be a loophole for them if there is.

  • Mayors should be required to pay taxes.

    Mayors of cities are citizens just like everyone else, and they should be required to pay taxes. As public servants, they should be role models for the electorate. It is perfectly logical that they should be required to pay taxes for the improvement of the cities and the country of which they are a part.

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