• They must be current.

    Yes, MBA programs should modernize more quickly with changing business practices, because they need to offer an education that is helpful with modern times. Many older people cannot even use a computer. They need to make sure an MBA program provides effective leadership in a technological age, for the employees that will benefit from the MBA's leadership

  • Yes, they should.

    As a person who has a degree in managerial accounting, a lot of the classes I took crossed paths with MBA students. And as a person who lived it, I can tell you that some of these classes are outdated and useless in the modern world. MBA programs need more practicality.

  • Yes, I think MBA programs should modernize quickly with changing business practices.

    It is of very little use for someone to learn outdated information, I think the MBA program should be constantly changing to adapt to the newest business practices while at the same time stressing the fundamental aspects of business that always remain the same regardless of how much time has gone by.

  • Accounting is Complex

    MBA degree programs should modernize more quickly now that business practices and business law changes almost yearly. Money moves at the speed of business and with the digital age and quickly-changing accounting methods, MBA degree programs must keep up in order to better-train accountants for the future. Accounting is complex and colleges need to train students properly for their respective fields.

  • Alumni Should Stay Up To Date

    I believe MBA programs should modernize more quickly with changing business practices. With that said I believe it is also important for graduates to stay up to date with their field. I've seen many managers who are reluctant to empower employees or claim to not know federal laws about wages. If you have a MBA and can't identify with modern businesses practices then you shouldn't be in the field.

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