Should McDonald be able to put dangerous chemicals in their meat?

Asked by: s53282
  • Of course, what do you think are dangerous chemicals?

    If someone died because of a McDonalds meal, it would be bad publicity, there would be investigations and lawyers fees - and the person who died wouldn't be able to buy more burgers. It is against the company's interests to put lethal doses of chemicals into the burgers.
    Secondly, anything can be a lethal chemical, if consumed too much. I'd bet the majority of people here have a cup of Joe (coffee) at least once a week. You don't die from drinking it because although there is a deadly chemical in there (caffeine), it is only in small doses. This is true of the few chemicals that could be said to be dangerous in the food there.
    Finally, in reply to Dilara, McDonalds don't burn their chickens alive, or beat their pigs to death, or skin their down alive either. Firstly, that's more work than the more humane, quicker and *cheaper* methods of slaughter that they actually use.

  • Of course not

    They should not be allowed to burn chickens alive, beat pigs to death and skin down alive either. Human lives are more important that a companies income. Mcdonalds is a very cruel and unhealthy food chain and should not continue their ways. They should not put dangerous chemicals into their foods.

  • Why would they ever want to do that ?

    It could kill someone if they don't put the chemical in right. Or they can be harmed real bad and end up in a hospital. Plus why would they need to put chemicals in their meat, it's just meat nothing is wrong with meat, there's no reason why they need to put chemicals in it.

  • Not in my body!

    Well if you watch this movie called Supersize Me that will tell you a lot about the things the put in McDonald's food. But, I have learned that they do not even use real meat. I probably think the do use chemicals in the food also in Supersize Me he almost died for eating a months food of McDonald's food!

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