• My kid is fat

    I wish my kids were still here with both legs but they love mcdonalds forever and so do I but I wish I had my left leg and also I weigh 421 pounds and I love micki Ds no matter what . . .. ... .. .. . . . .

  • Yes, teach personal responsibility and healthy decisions, not banning McDonald's.

    Children should be taught, both in words and deed, that ultimately personal responsibility and good decision making are the factors that determine their overall health. As many have said, you can't legislate morality, the same is true for health. You can't legislate a healthy diet. Ultimately, children must be taught to make decisions that are in the best interest of their long term health.

  • Are you kidding?

    Overweight kids will just get even heavier by eating at mcdonalds. And can even get diabetes which can even cause to death.And so this does not happen to anyone, do not eat at mcdonalds more than once a month. Mcdonalds has a lot of calories and trans fat. Even dunkin donuts is a trans fat free fast food cafe!

  • McDonald’s should not be allowed for overweight kids.

    McDonald’s should not be allowed for overweight kids. I don’t believe in totalitarian governments,
    and I don’t think that they should have the authority to tell us what to
    do. So, maybe it shouldn’t be illegal for
    overweight kids to eat at McDonald’s, but the parents should intervene and
    prevent overweight children from eating there.

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