Should Meals on Wheels funding (cut in the Sequester) be restored?

  • Meals on Wheels should be Funded Again

    As long as there's somewhat of a financial benefit and not a complete loss, Meals on Wheels should be restored and funded as it benefits individuals that are not well-off than the middle class or higher. One of the main advantages that the Meals on Wheels program served was that it helped disabled citizens receive the food they needed at their doorstep without having to shop at grocery stores. This may impede their physical activity of not going out to get what they need for the home, but for many citizens that the Meals on Wheels program provided for, it was mainly for those who could not find a means of traveling to get the items they needed. It was also easier for those who were physically unable to take care of themselves (like the elderly).

  • Seniors are going hungry!

    The pace of increasing expenses (gasoline, food costs) is exceeding the funding. No senior should go hungry! This problem goes back further than the sequester, but it is only getting worse. Our most vulnerable populations - children and seniors - should not be suffering the way there are. There is nothing compassionate about this approach to governing.

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