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  • Yes, they should be.

    There are too many opinion pieces and spin and misinformation in journalism now. And the bias is really starting to get out of control. It's as if every single journalist is partisan now and peddling to either side of the aisle. I wish they would just give us the facts.

  • No It Shouldn't

    I do not believe media ethics in journalism should be enforced by law. I believe the ethics should be guided by those who read the articles. When consumers find unethical journalism, they should complain to the company who produced it and to the person who wrote it. Laws don't need to be used for everything, consumers should take the lead on this.

  • It'd be ad hoc.

    No, media ethics in journalism should not be enforced by law, because it would be very likely that all the enforcement would only be political. It would be a very hard thing to police. The best thing is to have open information, and then the consumers can just decide what they want to believe.

  • It's too difficult to enforce media ethics without violation speech rights

    I don't see a way that a law enforcing media ethics could be enacted without inevitably violating freedom of speech. If I had to choose between and unethical media organization and a government that regulates speech I think that the unethical media organization would be more tolerable and therefore more preferrable.

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