Should media outlets be allowed to air Kevin Ware's knee injury?

  • Yes, they should, With a warning.

    Yes, they should replay it. It is something that is important, a moment in history that should be allowed to be seen again. Some people want to see what happened, but did not get to see it. Therefore, yes, it should be allowed to be replayed. But, they should put a warning before it, in case some viewers do not wish to see it, or see it again.

  • Yes, but put a warning before it.

    The media, any media in general should be allowed to air Kevin Ware's knee injury. There is nothing illegal about it if they do. Thought the photos maybe very graphic, censoring it in some way or advising their viewers on what they're about so see should be sufficient. How else is the media going to report on his injury if they can't show his injury? These basketball games are highly televised and even if the media doesn't show it, the Internet is a thing. Those pictures will be accessible for people to see either way.

  • Yes, they should be allowed to.

    Censoring it would place a censorship in the media and thus an infringement of free speech. While the details of the injury are quite gruesome, in that it is a compound fracture which is indeed extremely painful, it is still up to the viewer himself or herself to turn away or to shut off the television if they do not wish to see it.

  • Why would you censor it?

    Obviously the injury was especially gruesome and horrific, but that should not necessarily preclude it from being shown by the media. I think the media can act responsibility and offer warnings prior to showing images or video of the event. With the proper warning, viewers can elect to view the footage.

    In no means do I think media outlets should not be "allowed" to show the footage. In my mind that is unnecessary censorship. It serves no purpose and requires even more regulatory overhead to the media, which in a lot of cases is a waste of time and money.

  • Yes, media should be allowed to air the injury.

    Yes, I believe that the media is entitled to being able to air Kevin Ware's knee injury even as gruesome as it is. Mr. Ware's knee injury is in the sports world headlining news, and it is the job of the media outlets to cover the news, and this can help to warn future players about the dangers of playing sports.

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