• We need less opinions in the news

    Media is very biased this day and age. For example if they are mostly democrats so they are going to lean towards the democratic side. We the people need the facts so that they don't write only good things about one side and bad things about the other party's side.

  • No more bias

    Media bias should be stopped because people need facts rather than opinions. If people are bias, then they may leave out crucial facts that are needed. Besides, a reporters job is supposed to be unbiased, unless they're writing the opinion column. When an article is bias, it becomes unreliable. When it becomes unreliable, less people may read it.

  • Media Outlets Need to Be Unbiased

    If Media Outlets are biased you can't form your own opinion because you're only hearing theirs. When hearing about news you want to hear the facts and then form your own opinion. If you only hear one side of the story you will be under-informed, and unaware of the entire situation. People say that news is boring if it is unbiased. But, wouldn't you rather be well informed and aware than entertained.?

  • Most media should not be biased

    I believe that media like news stations, newspapers, and news articles should not be biased. When reporters are biased people begin to state untrue facts to try to support their argument. If they just gave the plain facts, it lets the citizens decide for themselves without being swayed by the news station. Sometimes it depends on what the subject is. For example, if the Olympics are going on, it is okay for the reporters to be excited for the U.S. team. If it is about the presidential race they seem to make controversial statements.

  • Bias Media Needs to Stop

    We shouldn't be listening to opinionated news stories. We should be hearing the truth, and facts. Some people say that the media would be more interesting, and maybe it would be, but we aren't listening to the truth. When the media is bias, how are we supposed to realize what is actually happening?

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    We should be able to make our own opinions without media swaying our decision. Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

  • We are looking for the truth not opinions.

    On media its where people go for news and events going on. If media provided the truth then there could be better formed opinions. This would help people form their own opinions that are not swayed by big news channels trying to make their opinion the best. You may have the freedom of speech but news is what's happening not a lot of bias.

  • The damage of media bias

    When I look at the news, I don't want to see what I want to see; I want to see the truth. However, media bias is preventing me from getting the truth. If the media is biased, I can't see the real story. Instead, I see a story of how great this is and/or how this is a sin to society. What happens if I want to research more on a subject, but all of the headlines are biased? I can't tell what is truth and what's not, and that shouldn't happen; please stop media bias, for the sake of society.

  • The damage of media bias

    Whenever I look at the news, I don't want to see what I want to see; I want to see the truth. If the media is biased, I don't get the truth, I get an altered story to make this better than it is and/or this worse than it is. If I don't get the truth, how am I supposed to research the latest news story without getting pelted with the words "He's innocent!" or "Vote for hem because..."? The thing is, you can't with all of the media bias going on!

  • Filling The People With False Hope

    Sure that America is based on debating, but it needs to be on facts. Creating false examples can lead to greater controversy. Does filling the people with false explanations see, like a brilliant idea? Some seem that biased debates are okay, but it will lead with more fights across the country.

  • We Should Stop Bias

    The U.S.A. Is a free country, the first amendment states that people
    have their freedom of speech. If we make the news and other things unbiased that is not letting the people use their freedom of speech. If someone is not biased you will get the truth but if one person is biased towards one person you can just watch someone else that is biased toward the other.

  • Media needs opinions.

    The media shouldn't have to focus on being biased. Even if they are bias, the news still gives you facts about the event they are talking about. So what if they give you an opinion, that's what makes it interesting. Image the news with no opinions, it would be boring beyond belief. Just saying "There was a fire." is so much more heartless and robotic than saying "There was a humongous fire at the house, it really is a large loss, for the family and the community. I hope the reason behind the fire is found and if someone created the fire, they are found and punished."

  • People need to have an opinion!

    Our country has the freedom of speech, we need to use it. I think it should have a little bit of the authors opinion. Because than you know what he believes, and than you can choose if you agree or not. Also, it starts debates among people and without debates

  • I think they shouldn't stop being bias.

    They shouldn't because it helps use know the facts about the candidates. Say you hate Hilary and their is a news that is bias towards Hilary Clinton, just change the channel. If there is a channel that talks good about Trump I will watch that more then a channel talking about all of the candidates.

  • We are humans we have emotions

    In the media there may be bias but can we truly tell a person not to say there opinion. As we are the human species, we are very vocalized. What would it look like if we won't allow people to vocalize there beliefs. What would it look like? Isn't it against the law to take away someone freedom of speech?

  • Without media bias, it would all be opinionated and uninteresting.

    If it all was the same and unbiased, it would be we wouldn't learn anything. We learn from each others opinions, and theirs may even change ours. Plus, it makes everything in our world different. Opinions are how we come up with new ideas, by arguing others opinions. That is why our world needs to be biased.

  • They should only state facts-

    I think that Media outlets should put more effort into stopping media bias. I think this because media should let us decide what we think instead of copying other peoples ideas. They should only tell us actual facts about the topic. Also, being bias does not make people feel very good.

  • News story's need the facts.

    Imagine turning on the news, and seeing the news reporters talk about how they think a person was guilty, but you have a very different opinion about it. You wouldn't want to sit there, and hear a news company talk about how they think differently, you want to hear the facts. Some people are very sensitive to certain opinions, and hearing the other side could make them mad. It is safe and right to be non biased for the media.

  • Won't do anything

    Even if the media tries to, it won't stop people. People will always have their opinions. If it is unbiased then we won't give all the facts. Someone who is biased about something who is arguing with someone who as the opposite opinion, will say everything that is true to tell the other person that they think they are right. Even if they have to say the littlest facts. While people who are unbiased will only say big facts.

  • You have the freedom of speech-USE IT

    A lot of countries' people don't have a freedom of speech, ours does. We should use it. The First Amendment stated that the American people have the right to freedom of speech. Like I said up above, we should use that right. Anyways, usually things like political news is not reported by newspapers, magazines or the news on TV that are bias.

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