• The violence in the media should not be regulated.

    The media is the best source of information and it is very helpful. It is the witness of the advanced technology. The media always says the truth. The fact is "truth is bitter". When the people hear the truth they cannot bear it. There are many more reasons. T.V which is a good source of entertainment conveys a lot. We can learn many lessons from it. Hence violence in the media should not be regulated.

  • Media Violence Should Not Be Regulated

    People who create media should not be held to any particular standards when creating their media, therefore I do not believe regulating media is a good idea. What can and should be done, is the regulation of where that media shows up. This is already done to a large extent with the cable TV providers and the FCC.

  • Change the channel

    I think the media needs to report and show the exact truth of what is happening in the world around us. There doesn't need to be filters or any sugar coating. If people can not see what is happening then how are they supposed to know when changes are needed? If a person doesn't like the violence they are seeing in the media then they need to do something about it. They can either try to make a change in the world around them so there is less violence or they can change the channel. Either way it's up to them to make the change, not the media.

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