• Yes, Medicaid should be greatly expanded

    Health care should not be left up to corporations. We are the only, I repeat, ONLY western civilization to not offer national healthcare to the people. Medicaid and Medicare need to be the only two facets of health care in America. Privatizing the health care industry allows opportunity for corruption and cutting corners in order to increase revenue at the cost of your health! This conversation needs a complete overhaul. We need to look out for one another. I have no problem paying more for additional funding that goes towards keeping my neighbors alive.

  • Yes, I think many people need medicaid.

    Yes, I think it should be. I also think that additional funding would be really nice for Medicaid patients. There are plenty of people who truly are disabled and need all the help that they can get. The last thing we should do is cut funding and minimize such an important program.

  • Yes, Many Need It

    Yes, Medicaid should be expanded. The American public should propose that each and every person who runs for public office should be required to contribute some percent of their salary to the expansion of Medicaid. Politicians run for public office in order to serve the best interests of their constituents. There should be no one in a public position who is there solely for personal gain. There are thousands who are needy and struggling who could benefit from Medicaid. What a shame to think there is such wealth in this country and yet there are still people who cannot get necessary medical care.

  • Health is a human right

    All people should be covered by medicaid if they have need of it. Right now the income restrictions of medicaid make it difficult for those who are struggling to get health care. Often times those who have medicaid are rejected by health care clinics and professionals because medicaid's pay outs are so small. Medicaid should be expanded to correct these problems.

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