Should Medicaid be expanded to provide greater access to long-term care?

  • Yes it should be

    Perhaps it should be expanded to help the people who are poor and can't afford as much as the rich people can and therefore help bring balance to the economy and yes to contribute to the access being bigger to offer more options to those who are on it or could be on it if they were to indeed provide greater access.

  • Yes, Medicaid needs to look at the real picture.

    I agree Medicaid needs to provide greater access to long term care. Medicaid is the only option for our disabled citizens. Many disabled people have issues that require long term care. One answer would be for Medicaid to provide in home care for those who don't require hospitalization. In home care would provide professional care at a cost far less than being hospitalized.

  • Yes it should be

    Medicaid should be expanded to provide greater access to long-term care for those that could not afford it. This is an obligation that should be upheld in the United States of America. When it comes down to the small of things we have a moral obligation about things that we need to keep.

  • Medicaid is a great program

    The Medicare expansion under Obamacare is one of the greatest success stories of the Affordable Care Act. Medicare is a very cost effective way to get health coverage for people. We should expand the program so that it covers even more people and so that we can have a more healthy and productive country.

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