• Yes, For Humanitarian Reasons

    Foreigners should be given medical care, just as Americans
    are extended medical care in foreign lands. We are all humans, and all deserve the
    same amount of care, if only for humanitarian reasons. Emergency care should be
    free to anyone who needs it, anywhere. That is not to say that cosmetic care,
    or optional services that could be provided just as well back home should be
    provided free. To do so would encourage a flood of visitors coming here for
    free care they would have to pay for at home.

  • Yes, as humans we should help each other even if someone is foreign.

    If someone is in need of help it is irresponsible to leave them to suffer or even die simply because they are foreign. Helping someone is not always so expensive as people seem to believe. Many afflictions that are disastrous to humans if left untreated can in this day and age be treated relatively cheaply.

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