• It's all your debt.

    Yes, medical debt should be considered in relation to credit score, because credit score is a risk management tool. A credit score is not an indicator of whether a person is honest or responsible. Rather, it is a sign to lenders of whether a person is a good risk for giving credit. You need to know about medical debt to make that decision.

  • Credit scores are used to punish debtors, medical issues cannot be.

    A credit score isn't just a tool used to protect a lender from someone who cannot pay. It's also a tool used to deny people a roof over their head or a mode of transportation. You cannot use a completely accidental medical problem someone had to punish them by denying them these other things which are required to live. And considering the absolutely inflated and overblown costs of medical care in this country, it's unfair for them to have so much debt in the first place.

  • No it shouldn't

    No one can afford their medical cost, unless they are super rich, or have quite a bit of money. I don't think it should be related because medical is not something that we can just do without. If someone has a high medical debt, it's usually because they had something life threatening and HAD to be in the hospital, or HAD to go to the doctors.

  • No it shouldn't

    People cannot be blamed for getting sick or injured. Lowering their credit score is basically punishing them for something that was out of their control. People should not have to pay higher interest when taking out a loan for a house just because they got cancer and couldn't afford the medical bills.

  • Not It Should Not

    I believe the credit system is utterly flawed in this country but the health care industry is even worse. Health care providers should never have been allowed to retaliate on patients through their credit. Health care is a necessity in some circumstances and everyone deserves health care, not just the rich. Secondly, the people who have these debts are forced further into poverty because it does currently affect their credit score which is entirely unfair.

  • Medical Debt In the United States Should Be Unrelated to Credit Score

    Given the cost of medical procedures in the United States, a person's medical debt should not be considered when determining a credit score. It is too easy for a single accident to ruin the financial position of an individual or a family. Allowing credit companies to reduce a person's credit score due to these accidents and the resultant medical bills is unfair and further damaging to an already unfortunate situation.

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